Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long weekend

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I really enjoyed the time off with my wife and our fat little basset. We did some chores but our goal was to be tourists in our own town and I think we accomplished that. I told Sarah that I am a toursit in my own brain but that still didn't get me out of the garden store where we shopped for new plants. The weather cooperated and there was actually a lot of sun all weekend minus a thunderstorm or two on Sunday. Meridian got a new theater so we went and checked it out. We saw a sneak preview of "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger or Mrs. Kenny Chesney. Brad Pitt used to be my favorite actor but Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are passing him by. Nothing that Brad has done lately has been that exciting or demanding of a role. The last thing he did in my opinion that was challenging was "Snatch" because of that crazy limey accent he had. It would be nice to see him take on some darker roles like when he was Early in "Kalifornia." I loved Christian Bale in "American Psycho" and he looks like he is going to kick butt in "Batman." And Crowe is just an amazing actor especially in "A Beautiful Mind."

Friday, May 27, 2005

This is a first

Well for the last few weeks my ear has been bothering me. It felt like there was something stuck in there but I couldn't get at it with a q-tip or anything. The sensation was like after you get done swimming and you have some water stuck in your ear. This feeling has been coming and going and I finally had enough so I went to the doctor. He looked in there with his special tools and said you have hair in there. My first reaction was great, I am getting older and now I have clumps of hair in my ear. But he said that he wasn't sure if it was human hair because it was long, white coarse hair and since I don't have any of those yet he asked if I had a pet. And the truth shall set you free. It turns out that there were 4 dog hairs stuck in my eardrum poking around there causing me the discomfort. I have no idea how or why they were in there but they were in there. So after my grooming appointment I am happy to report that I am free of dog hair.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

You "Lost" another viewer

Judging by the reaction from the media there are not a lot of people terribly happy with the unsatisfying finale of "Lost." And the people over at our party were disappointed over the lack of answers to some of the storylines. I haven't gone to any message boards yet but most of those folks are blinded by their devotion to the show so they are usually pretty positive. At least the ass bag scientist got blown up and he left some bits and pieces of himself on Jack. I also did enjoy the joke about Hurley not losing any weight. But I digress ... We learned a few things last night but it just feels like the story is not being pushed forward. OK maybe it is moving forward but as about as fast as a basset hound in a cheese factory. I am just worried that the writers are going to write themselves in a corner and have no way out. It happened with the "X-Files" and the whole mythology episodes. I just hope they know what they are doing. Here are a few links to what people are thinking about the show


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I am "Lost" without you

Tonight is the season finale of "Lost" and we are having a little party over at our house. We have to either get Quincy drunk or heavily medicated otherwise he will be running around the house like he just found out he has no balls.
I hope they answer a lot of the really important questions like why no one wears white underwear when they are stranded on an island and how Hurley looks like he has gained weight instead of losing some LBs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Season 4 of "24" is over

Well the season finale ended with Jack being repaid for all the work he has done for the U.S. He now gets to spend the rest of his life on the lam and with a new identity. Congratulations Jack, er, Bob or whatever your new name is on saving the nation from a nuclear missile, but if you wouldn't mind could you please turn yourself in to the Chinese government so they are not mad at us and will continue to make all the cheap stuff we buy at Wal-Mart. Oh and the current president, who wears a skirt and eats bon bons, authorizes subtlely that Jack must be eliminated. EL Jacko fakes his own death and appears to be on his way to Mexico to escape a trip to the pound-me-in-the-ass prison Beijing style.
It will be interesting to see how season 5 plays out but my guess is that the former Mr. Bauer will still be wanted by the Chinese as they don't believe he was killed and they will discover that he is still alive.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Basset party

Quincy went to his party on Saturday and did what I thought he would -- just hide in the corner and sniff a few butts. He was OK with the other bassets but there were too many people there and he kind of got freaked out. The next time we take him I think we will load him up on doggie prozac.

I am glad I am not the only that didn't like Revenge of the Sith.

I had a Revelations marathon Sunday. It was pretty good but the last hour was a little disappointing. I didn't want them to wrap it up a put a nice bow on it but they left it wide open for another movie and I don't know if I wanted that. I needed a little more closure than I got.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Feeling the love

Well I can tell I was really missed. Gone for 10 days and I think 4 people looked at my blog. I might need to take a moment to catch my breath from all that excitement. Ah, who cares because this is therapy for me not you so you can lick my butt and suck my balls. I am no longer able to view one of my favorite sites, www.fark.com, at work anymore because they have installed a content filter. Kind of bummed because I just like reading the obscure and bizarre stories that they put on there.
Quincy update: The fat little basset is going to a basset party Saturday and it is either going to be fun or total disaster. He is going to meet about 10 other hound dogs at a pet shop. I am excited to see him interact with all these other dogs but the Quinc is such a weirdo he may freak out and hide in the corner.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Going on vacation

My blogs have been so exiciting and groundbreaking that I really need to take some time off and recharge the batteries. Actually, my wife and I are traveling to beautiful and exotic Peoria, IL for my little brother's graduation from college. I know you are jealous since Peoria is like the favorite destination of the Amish. OK, it's not that bad but it does have some qualites that are less than desirable. It would be nice to go someplace warm and sunny since we have had nothing but rain lately here in Boise but it looks it is going to be partly crappy the whole time we are out there. Sweet.
I will be away from Quincy for 5 days so that is going to suck big squirrel balls, but he is going to be well taken care of while we are gone so he probably won't miss us too much.
My thought of the day is do women do as much reading on the toilet as men do? I know some dudes that only read when they William Shatner so I was just curious if the ladies also took up this habit.
That's all for now. See you in a week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No Outlook

It is amazing how much work you can get done when Outlook is down. We haven't had e-mail all day and it was actually kind of nice for the first part of the day, but now as the day drags on you slowly begin to realize how much you rely on it.

Monday, May 09, 2005


My wife and I saw "Crash" this weekend, and this is one movie where my excitement was not disappointed. The movie definitely delivered and I really enjoyed it. It was shocking, funny, moving, uplifiting and troubling and I loved every minute of it. I really hope people get out and see this film and talk about it. I feel pretty insulated since I live in Idaho but it is not hard to believe that people act the way they do in the film. I wish they didn't but that is not the world we live in.

Friday, May 06, 2005

My "ER" habit

I have watched "ER" for quite a long time, and regrettably it has lost some of its steam. But I still watch it out of habit and I want to stop. I just keep waiting and hoping for something exciting to happen but nothing. So I need to stop .. please help me.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Lost" returns

Well "Lost" finally returned with a new episode. To say the least I was disappointed. I just feel there is not enough reward with each episode. In my humble opinion, the brains behind the "Lost" show are just putting together some filler episodes to appease their hungry fans. There was no substance, no meat and potatoes in this last one. I want answers dammit, and if they don't give me something soon the dog might get a beating. Maybe it is because I am a guy and I don't like being teased. I want them to put out ... me no likey the blue balls. And Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my readers of Hispanic heritage.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I love movies so naturally I love the DVD. I am amassing my own private collection which may border on obsession since I am running out of storage space again. But there is one problem with DVDs and that is what the fuck is the deal with releasing 7 different versions of the same movie. There is the original release, then the special edition, then the super special edition with extra features, then the super special edition with commentary from some really important douche bag, then the not-so-super special edition with a coupon for a hand job from a circus midget named Charlie. OK, I exaggerate but seriously it blows when you buy a DVD of the "Family Guy" and you are a loyal fan and then they release these new special editions that have free T-shirts and other cool things. It is all just some bull shit marketing ass fuck and it pisses me off.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quincy update

Well the one fan of my blog requested an update about Quincy. I find this odd since she lives with the wild beast so she pretty much knows how he is doing. Well, let's see, Quincy is still adorable, plump and juicy. He enjoys going for long walks and pooping in the neighbor's yard. His favorite stuff to eat is food and he thinks he possesses the ability to move objects because he sits in the kitchen and tries to get the food to jump on the floor. But if I had to pick I would say that the little man loves cheese. He has several nicknames including Quincy dog, Quincarelli, Captain Furry Pants, Quinciford, and just good ol' Quinc. He has his own web page, http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=117560&j=t. He may have been a fanny pack in a previous life because he likes to lay across your mid section whenever you are sitting or lying down. Or he could have been a stripper because he likes to bury his head in our laps when we get home like he is giving us a lap dance. He also enjoys sun bathing and getting as much dog hair as possible on our clothes. He has a fear of feet. He will attack them when they come anywhere near his circle of life shield while in bed and he also nips at them when you need to take him for a walk. He is an excellent listening post and it is amazing how many times Quincy is the mediator in the household as we sometimes express our feelings through the great one. He is our best furry friend and has been our third roommate for more than 5 years. He makes us laugh and smile when we are feeling blue, and I swear he is trying to talk to us because I have never met a dog as vocal as he is. He is currently addicted to Greenies and would probably sell his left nut to get some. Whoops, he doesn't have nuts, sorry Quincy. It is truly amazing that he likes the same sports team as I do, and he loves Sarah almost as much as I do. His Native American name is No No Bad Dog, and Sarah has been heard calling the fur ball that around 3 a.m. He won't let us sleep in past 8 in the morning because he either has to go for a walk or he needs that side of the bed to really stretch out those little alligator arms. Even if he had pockets I don't think he would save his money and leave us. Sundays are horny hound day because for some odd reason on this day and only this day Quincy likes to hump my leg. He is not a big fan of strangers because someone abused him prior to us adopting him. What comes around goes around, and that person will get theirs. He is our fur baby and we fell in love with him the moment we met him. He owns my wife and myself and we wouldn't have it any other way.