Going on vacation

My blogs have been so exiciting and groundbreaking that I really need to take some time off and recharge the batteries. Actually, my wife and I are traveling to beautiful and exotic Peoria, IL for my little brother's graduation from college. I know you are jealous since Peoria is like the favorite destination of the Amish. OK, it's not that bad but it does have some qualites that are less than desirable. It would be nice to go someplace warm and sunny since we have had nothing but rain lately here in Boise but it looks it is going to be partly crappy the whole time we are out there. Sweet.
I will be away from Quincy for 5 days so that is going to suck big squirrel balls, but he is going to be well taken care of while we are gone so he probably won't miss us too much.
My thought of the day is do women do as much reading on the toilet as men do? I know some dudes that only read when they William Shatner so I was just curious if the ladies also took up this habit.
That's all for now. See you in a week.