Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So it begins .....

Stardate 052609: Day 1 of being held captive by a 2-month old baby.
Mrs. Shife went back to work today so it is just me, the fat basset, and Baby Shife.
All in all it was an OK day.
We got up about 7:30 and played for a little bit.
Then he told me he was hungry - for a two-month old he is a very effective communicator - but the methods I proposed for satisfying his hunger were unacceptable to Baby Shife.
I offered a bottle, and he counter offered with a meltdown.
This battle of wills went on for the next two hours.
Each side plotted their next move carefully but no progress was made.
Then a wise old man made a suggestion.
Sometimes referred to as Captain Furry Pants, the wily old fat basset realized his nap time was getting cut shorter and shorter as this senseless war of the Shifleys raged on so he offered to help.
And then suddenly my son was willing to take the bottle.
It is amazing how a 55-pound hungry dog can so easily influence a little dude.

Evidently Quincy thinks babies look pretty yummy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It is almost June so I better post something

Wow. I am really getting bad at updating this blog of mine.
I have been busy.
I joined this new club where some of the amazing benefits include getting puked, peed, and peeped on by a little person. No it is not some sort of S&M German midget dominatrix outfit. It is just fatherhood.
Baby Shifley has been a joy but I am starting get a little nervous because Mrs. Shife goes back to work next week so it is just going to be me and the little man. I am not sure who is going to cry more - me or him.
We also have had non-stop visitors for the past few weeks so I had to put the No Vacancy sign in front of the house to give us a little peace and quiet and try to get Baby Shifley on a routine before we are home alone.
So what else has been going on?
  • I am still not succumbing to Twitter. Somebody has to give at least 3 good reason to get on there. To me it it is just the digital version of the Macarena. Suck it Twitter.
  • I saw "Star Trek" and "Wolverine." I really liked one of them. The one I didn't like rhymes with Trollverine.
  • Looking forward to seeing the new "Terminator" movie.
  • I really liked the "Lost" finale even though it left me with so many more questions and wanting more but isn't that what a good TV show is supposed to do.
  • Now the season finale of "24" was not so good in my humble opinion. It was a pretty good season but the last few episodes really dragged on and the finale was a little disappointing.
  • Baby Shifley went on his first road trip and did great. The fat basset almost got thrown in the river but the little man did awesome after spending nearly 8 hours in the car.
  • Baby Shifley will be hitting the road again next month for stops in Washington state, Illinois, and Missouri so please check your local listings for times and dates in those areas.
Well that is about it. Pretty boring, huh? Hopefully once the baby and I get into a routine I will post more frequently. Hope everyone is doing well, and I guess I better include a baby shot for those of you interested in seeing my little buddy.