Quincy update

Well the one fan of my blog requested an update about Quincy. I find this odd since she lives with the wild beast so she pretty much knows how he is doing. Well, let's see, Quincy is still adorable, plump and juicy. He enjoys going for long walks and pooping in the neighbor's yard. His favorite stuff to eat is food and he thinks he possesses the ability to move objects because he sits in the kitchen and tries to get the food to jump on the floor. But if I had to pick I would say that the little man loves cheese. He has several nicknames including Quincy dog, Quincarelli, Captain Furry Pants, Quinciford, and just good ol' Quinc. He has his own web page, http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=117560&j=t. He may have been a fanny pack in a previous life because he likes to lay across your mid section whenever you are sitting or lying down. Or he could have been a stripper because he likes to bury his head in our laps when we get home like he is giving us a lap dance. He also enjoys sun bathing and getting as much dog hair as possible on our clothes. He has a fear of feet. He will attack them when they come anywhere near his circle of life shield while in bed and he also nips at them when you need to take him for a walk. He is an excellent listening post and it is amazing how many times Quincy is the mediator in the household as we sometimes express our feelings through the great one. He is our best furry friend and has been our third roommate for more than 5 years. He makes us laugh and smile when we are feeling blue, and I swear he is trying to talk to us because I have never met a dog as vocal as he is. He is currently addicted to Greenies and would probably sell his left nut to get some. Whoops, he doesn't have nuts, sorry Quincy. It is truly amazing that he likes the same sports team as I do, and he loves Sarah almost as much as I do. His Native American name is No No Bad Dog, and Sarah has been heard calling the fur ball that around 3 a.m. He won't let us sleep in past 8 in the morning because he either has to go for a walk or he needs that side of the bed to really stretch out those little alligator arms. Even if he had pockets I don't think he would save his money and leave us. Sundays are horny hound day because for some odd reason on this day and only this day Quincy likes to hump my leg. He is not a big fan of strangers because someone abused him prior to us adopting him. What comes around goes around, and that person will get theirs. He is our fur baby and we fell in love with him the moment we met him. He owns my wife and myself and we wouldn't have it any other way.