This is a first

Well for the last few weeks my ear has been bothering me. It felt like there was something stuck in there but I couldn't get at it with a q-tip or anything. The sensation was like after you get done swimming and you have some water stuck in your ear. This feeling has been coming and going and I finally had enough so I went to the doctor. He looked in there with his special tools and said you have hair in there. My first reaction was great, I am getting older and now I have clumps of hair in my ear. But he said that he wasn't sure if it was human hair because it was long, white coarse hair and since I don't have any of those yet he asked if I had a pet. And the truth shall set you free. It turns out that there were 4 dog hairs stuck in my eardrum poking around there causing me the discomfort. I have no idea how or why they were in there but they were in there. So after my grooming appointment I am happy to report that I am free of dog hair.


  1. How'd it feel when he pulled them out? Something similar happened to me and it tickled like crazy!


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