Monday, May 31, 2010


Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which will never happen. ~James Russel Lowell

I really wish I could take the advice of that quote but it is so much easier said than done. I have had a lot on mind lately and that is the main reason for the blog neglect. Once a month for the past 8 months we have had to take Baby Shife back to his doctor because there was concern about his lack of weight gain. It has frustrated me and Mrs. Shife but we listened to the doctor and kept bringing him back. Well on his last visit the concern become elevated because his weight gain was minimal over the past 30 days. So now he has to visit a specialist at a pediatric gastroenterology clinic. This news has really thrown me over the edge because I feel like I have let down my son as a parent. I have received this beautiful gift of life, a wonderful bundle of joy, and my parenting skills are hurting this little man. Baby Shife is such a happy, busy little guy and it just breaks my heart thinking I might have a hand in his lack of development. I also worry that maybe there is a physical ailment that has not been diagnosed yet and there could be something wrong with my baby. I am hoping the verdict is that the little man's parents are small, and he is going to be small so his appetite is just not as substantial as babies from bigger parents. Anyway this is where my focus is right now and I am stressing about the upcoming doctor's visit. Hope all is well in your world. Take care.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Going On?

It is safe to say that May has not been a very productive month for this blog. It is a combination of post-40 blues and general apathy. I might hire a horse to give me a swift kick in the butt to see if that gets me going in the right direction or maybe I will just have Elvis fondle me again. It is definitely going to be erratic for the rest of the spring and summer because me and the family will be busy enjoying festivities that accompany the warmer weather like vacations, weddings, get togethers, sporting events, vasectomies, and overall laziness. OK one of those items is false but I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention. So what are you looking forward to in the next few months?
  • May - Softball season is finally under way for Mr. Shife after getting clearance from the Doctor.
  • May - Visit from family.
  • May - Heading to STL and Peoria to visit family.
  • June - Going to a wedding in one of the finest areas known to man, The Palouse.
  • June - World Cup Soccer. Unfortunately I will not be there in person but watching lots of it on TV.
  • June - Trip to Salt Lake City to watch a soccer game and let Mrs. Shife go crazy at the outlet malls.
  • July - Celebrating the Fourth with family and friends.
  • July - Drunkfest ... errr ... Alumni meeting with fraternity brothers.
  • July - 10K or Half-Marathon. More likely a 10K because of the ankle recovery but maybe a 13.1.
  • July - Jaialdi 2010. Huge Basque festival in Boise that happens every 5 years.
  • August - Braun Brothers Reunion. Awesome outdoor concert event in an awesome setting, Challis, ID.
  • August - Softball tournament. Of course assuming my body is still holding up after 4 months of softball.
  • August - Mysterious road trip. Destination chosen by Mrs. Shife.
Talk to you later, and I guess it is about time I shared a new picture of Baby Shife. Here he is after he had a battle with some chocolate pudding:

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The 40-Year-Old Dumb, White Guy

Well hello there my blogging friends. It is I, Mr. Shife, and I apologize for the lack of posts but I have finally recuperated from my birthday bash. OK that is not true. I do apologize for not blogging lately but it is mostly due to my laziness and not a 40-year-old hangover.
So how are you? I am pretty good. Thank you for asking. Just starting my second week of life in the 40s and so far so good. I had a good time at my party with family and friends, and the lovely Mrs. Shife even managed to surprise me. The photographic evidence is below. So for as long as I can remember I have had a little bit of an infatuation with Elvis. Maybe it was from hearing my Mom play the music in our house or maybe it is just the cult-like status Mr. Presley has obtained since his death. Whatever the case may be, I have been goofing on Elvis. So at the party we are having a good time and all of the sudden out of nowhere comes an Elvis impersonator to serenade me. It was awesome but a little uncomfortable having a grown man dressed up as Elvis sing to me a song like "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" So check out the photos - which totally capture my awkwardness - and the pictures also make Mrs. Shife laugh because of the titles she gave to the pictures.
The first picture is called "Is Elvis's hand on my butt" and the second one is "Yep, his hand is definitely on my butt." Enjoy and talk to you soon.

Is Elvis's hand on my butt?

Yep, his hand is definitely on my butt.