Monday, January 31, 2005

The Barkery

On Saturday, Sarah and I ran some errands which included dropping off flyers at the pet stores informing the world that Quincy had started his own Boise Basset Hound Group and he wanted people to join. Anyway, we stopped at a new place, The Dog House, and they have a barkery. Well we loaded Quincy up with some goodies and he seemed to be pretty happy with our choices. But I just wonder in 5 years will I look back and think what a dork I used to be when it came to Quincy especially if we have kids of our own. All of our friends say that the dogs became second-class citizens after they had kids, and I just can't imagine doing that to Quincy. Just my random dog thought of the day.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Basset Hound group

I went to and started a Boise Basset Hound Meetup Group. I think it would be awesome if we can get some people together and all meet in a park with our Bassets. Plus, it would be nice to see Quincy running around with some of his fellow kind. The website is

Thursday, January 27, 2005


I made an appointment for Quinc to get his teeth cleaned next week, and he has to be put to sleep when they do it. I just get worried because my little buddy is getting old and I hate that part of the dental cleansing process. Sarah and I aren't sure how old Quincy is because we got him from the pound and they had no history on him. We have had him for 5 years, and our best guess is that he is 7 or 8. Well bassets generally live about 10-12 years so he is getting up there. It is just something I get worked up about every now and then. Anyway, these links down below take you to an artice "Dogs have souls, don't they" and the other is the Rainbow Bridge story. I have read the dogs one before in Ann Landers but I just found the Rainbow one. They both make you kind of sappy but it also makes you smile thinking about all the pups up in heaven waiting for their owners to finally come get them. I know I have a few friends up there I would like to see especially Higgins.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Dog Saga Continues

I have decided that our dog, Quincy, can be a stay-at-home dog and continue to anchor the couch. There has been an alarming increase in our neighborhood of couches just getting up and walking away so it is important to have a highly skilled couch anchor like Quincy on the premises. The pay stinks but it has great benefits. The fat basset should be pleased with that and he can put away his resume now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dog unemployment rate

I think it is a serious issue that the country must contend with. We literally have millions of dogs that do not have jobs. I am guessing that the rate could be 95%. You have some that are service dogs, police dogs, fire dogs, models, actors, calendar models, etc., but what are the rest of the dogs doing. Absolutely nothing. If we want the economy to get headed in the right direction, it is time we put these pups to work.