Friday, February 26, 2016

Random Acts of Shifeness: Horse's Head

Waking up with a horse's head in your bed in the morning is pretty horrible. But a close second has to be waking up thinking it's Saturday when it's only Friday. 

I thought "The Simpsons "GIF to the classic "Godfather" scene was nicer to share with all of you wonderful blog visitors. You are welcome. Seriously, am I the nicest dumb, white guy you know? 
My reaction went from "Yay!" to "Oh Hell No!" when I realized the horror that it was FRIDAY!!

I forget to set my alarm and I guess my brain just thought since the alarm didn't go off then it was le weekend (that's French for the weekend in case you were wondering. I like to class up the blog every now and then). I woke up late and was a little rushed getting to work on time, but all in all it turned out to be a nice day. 

That was my Friday. Here's what else is going on in my world: 
  • Surgery update: Still working our way through the appeal process with insurance, but we are going to have it anyway. March 18th is the day. The doctor's office worked with us to get the price down if we do have to pay for it and it's a little more manageable. However, if by the beard of Zeus, the insurance comes through then I will gladly let them help pay for it. 
  • I was wavering quite a bit, but then I heard this testimonial from someone who had the surgery. They call them BAHA aha moments. Anyway, the lady said it was when she could actually hear her child whisper "I love you" in her ear. And that sealed the deal. 
  • I have always felt that someone has been looking out for me because I have almost taken some serious wrong turns during this life of mine. I swear my guardian angel has a serious drinking problem to cope with me being their client. I recently explored an opportunity – that I can't go into too much detail about because I never know who is reading this blog o' mine – but I'm glad my guardian angel did another intervention as the opportunity wasn't as awesome as promised. This is terribly vague and I apologize. I guess I'll defer to Garth Brooks and just say "Thank God for unanswered prayers." 
  • Quote of the week:The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust
  • Recommendation of the week: "Deadpool." Loved it. It's definitely not for everyone, but I have loved Ryan Reynolds – yes I said loved – since I first saw that studly do-right on a sitcom called "Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place." I just loved his smart ass character. I'm kinda like that and maybe it was cool to see a version of myself on TV. Ryan has had some clunkers since that sitcom, but he recaptured that original magic I first saw in him with "Deadpool." 

Enjoy your weekend, folks. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Random Acts of Shifeness: Operation Cowboy Up

  • Nothing like getting an old tearjerker to invade your earbuds while you are at the gym trying to be manly like lift weights. I was listening to Spotify's weekly recommended playlist and a blast from the past came on that about had me bawling in the weight room. I had to bite the lip a few times to keep it together but it was close.
  • I suppose you want to know the song, right? It's kind of embarrassing because it doesn't really hold up through the ages, but it still grabs me as it takes me back to a place I look back upon fondly. Watching the video for the song for the first time with my mom at home on the couch after I got home from school and we were both a ball of mush after the video was done. The song was called "Feed Jake" by The Pirates of the Mississippi. 
  • Maybe I am a little emotional because I got told to suck it by my insurance company regarding my ear surgery. Anybody out there need a lot of good karma and doesn't mind parting with $10,000? It will be fine and it will happen, but just not as soon as I want it to. We just need to cowboy up and work on a plan. 
  • I am also a little conflicted about the procedure because once it's done, it's done. What if I don't like it? What if my quality of life doesn't improve? I called the doctor's office and I am going to hopefully talk to someone that has had the procedure done that might be able to answer some of those questions. The doctors and nurses do their best, but they haven't had their hearing restored after 40-something years and I think it will help me out if I can talk to a person that's been in my shoes. 
  • I am further conflicted because if it was the kids or Mrs. Shife that needed this, I would do it in a heartbeat. I don't know why I am struggling with it. Low self-worth as if I don't deserve it. Thank you Catholic guilt. 
  • My wife and kids have my heart but somedays I feel like the devil has my soul. What I mean by that is I have a beautiful, amazing wife who for reasons beyond my comprehension thinks I'm a cool dude and I have 2 beautiful, amazing children who think I'm a good daddy, but the devil on my shoulder just chirps in my ear telling me to focus on nothing but the negative things that I do. I don't see what they see in me. I know I am that person, but again I just don't feel like I deserve it. 
  • Well we certainly don't want to end the blog on that low note. Here's a video and a few pictures from our adventures last weekend up at a cabin we rented in Donnelly, ID. If you are missing snow in you area, I know where it is. Donnelly. For the love of fat bassets they had a lot. 
  • Speaking of fat bassets, he's not a big fan of sledding. I tried to get him to join me and he didn't think that was a great idea. I don't know if you can hear it but as I'm sliding away I say "You are not man's best friend," and I think he barked at me something "Well then don't take me sledding you dick." 

Kyle is looking pretty good on top of his mountain. 

 Mrs. Shife and I really need to take a selfie class. 

And then there's Hayden. She's just adorable. 
And special points if you have any idea what cartoon her hat is from? 


Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon and take care. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Random Acts of Shifeness: Presidents Day Weekend

  • I'm pretty excited. It's Presidents Day Weekend. Can't wait to buy something on sale that I don't need but sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. Ever since I got my butt surgery I have had my eye on a little something something for the beach this summer and as luck would have it, this piece of cotton awesomeness is on sale. 

  • I had a few issues with my brain this week. First there was the dreaded foot-in-mouth disease. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in awhile and knew that they had recently married. After some small talk, I asked how the married life was treating her. Turns out her husband committed suicide. She was nice and understanding about it, but I did feel like a horse's ass. 
  • Then my brother called me to ask me if I had watched a game this week and in the middle of the conversation I realized that I had forgotten his birthday. Technically I still had 2 hours to go before it was no longer his special day but if he hadn't called then I would have not remembered. Felt like a horse's ass again. 
  • On to better times. The kiddos got to try out rock climbing and really liked it. I even have photographic evidence to prove it. 

  • And in case you were wondering, Kyle had a wonderful time at the science fair. He was having such a good time he danced with a robot. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Random Acts of Shifeness: Hello February

  • As a parent, you sort of know your kid but every now and then they surprise you. Did you enjoy that laugh? Who am I kidding? My kids surprise me every day. Just this very day, Hayden said she wanted poop for dinner. I'm not quite sure what that means, but poop is probably not part of any recommended physician's diet. OK. I do know what she meant. My daughter is a lot like me and she's just trying to be funny. Sometimes at 4 we just don't quite have a handle on sarcasm. Or perhaps she has eaten enough of her father's cooking and went with the tastier choice? 
  • I got way off task here because I was going to talk about Mr. Kyle Bunga. He got invited to a birthday party tomorrow, but faced a dilemma. Tomorrow is also a big STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fair at the local university that is geared towards the little people. As I mentioned previously on this blog of mine, Kyle has said he wanted to be a scientist, but I thought for sure a friend's birthday party would certainly win over his Saturday plans. Nope. The little man thought about it for a moment and said he wanted to go to the fair. I was pretty surprised and I was also thrilled because I am looking forward to spending the day with him and seeing what he finds the most interesting. 
  • How's your week going? Did anybody get peed on by a dog? Oh just me. Sweet. At work we are helping out a co-worker's family by walking their dogs and I'm terrible at it because I got pissed on. The dog is a yellow lab and I was just chatting away with a friend until I looked down to see that I had walked into his line of fire. I think Tank has trained me that I would never have to worry about that situation with him because he's a midget compared to a lab. I know I'm not the smartest man in the world but I thought I had mastered the skill of dog walking. Evidently not. 
  • Hearing surgery update: First, thank you for your support. Second, it might not happen as soon as I would like. I have it tentatively scheduled for March 10, but I am having a bit of a battle with my health insurance company which could lead to a postponement as we would have to take some more time to save up more money if we have to pay for it ourselves. 
  • Any big plans for the Super Bowl? We will be going over to a friend's place but probably will only make it to halftime as the kiddos have to go to school the next day. It would be pretty cool if the NFL had the Super Bowl on a Saturday. Just throwing that out there, Roger Goodell. 
  • Quote of the week: Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. - James Frey
  • Recommendation of the week: "When Breath Becomes Air," a book by Paul Kalinithi
  • Well it's been an up and down week emotionally for me. Lots of highs and lows but I'm on the right side of the grass, I have an awesome wife and amazing kiddos, a pretty sweet basset hound and lots of great folks like you guys who stop by to say hi. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.