Long weekend

It was a nice, relaxing weekend. I really enjoyed the time off with my wife and our fat little basset. We did some chores but our goal was to be tourists in our own town and I think we accomplished that. I told Sarah that I am a toursit in my own brain but that still didn't get me out of the garden store where we shopped for new plants. The weather cooperated and there was actually a lot of sun all weekend minus a thunderstorm or two on Sunday. Meridian got a new theater so we went and checked it out. We saw a sneak preview of "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger or Mrs. Kenny Chesney. Brad Pitt used to be my favorite actor but Russell Crowe and Christian Bale are passing him by. Nothing that Brad has done lately has been that exciting or demanding of a role. The last thing he did in my opinion that was challenging was "Snatch" because of that crazy limey accent he had. It would be nice to see him take on some darker roles like when he was Early in "Kalifornia." I loved Christian Bale in "American Psycho" and he looks like he is going to kick butt in "Batman." And Crowe is just an amazing actor especially in "A Beautiful Mind."