You "Lost" another viewer

Judging by the reaction from the media there are not a lot of people terribly happy with the unsatisfying finale of "Lost." And the people over at our party were disappointed over the lack of answers to some of the storylines. I haven't gone to any message boards yet but most of those folks are blinded by their devotion to the show so they are usually pretty positive. At least the ass bag scientist got blown up and he left some bits and pieces of himself on Jack. I also did enjoy the joke about Hurley not losing any weight. But I digress ... We learned a few things last night but it just feels like the story is not being pushed forward. OK maybe it is moving forward but as about as fast as a basset hound in a cheese factory. I am just worried that the writers are going to write themselves in a corner and have no way out. It happened with the "X-Files" and the whole mythology episodes. I just hope they know what they are doing. Here are a few links to what people are thinking about the show