Feeling the love

Well I can tell I was really missed. Gone for 10 days and I think 4 people looked at my blog. I might need to take a moment to catch my breath from all that excitement. Ah, who cares because this is therapy for me not you so you can lick my butt and suck my balls. I am no longer able to view one of my favorite sites, www.fark.com, at work anymore because they have installed a content filter. Kind of bummed because I just like reading the obscure and bizarre stories that they put on there.
Quincy update: The fat little basset is going to a basset party Saturday and it is either going to be fun or total disaster. He is going to meet about 10 other hound dogs at a pet shop. I am excited to see him interact with all these other dogs but the Quinc is such a weirdo he may freak out and hide in the corner.