Season 4 of "24" is over

Well the season finale ended with Jack being repaid for all the work he has done for the U.S. He now gets to spend the rest of his life on the lam and with a new identity. Congratulations Jack, er, Bob or whatever your new name is on saving the nation from a nuclear missile, but if you wouldn't mind could you please turn yourself in to the Chinese government so they are not mad at us and will continue to make all the cheap stuff we buy at Wal-Mart. Oh and the current president, who wears a skirt and eats bon bons, authorizes subtlely that Jack must be eliminated. EL Jacko fakes his own death and appears to be on his way to Mexico to escape a trip to the pound-me-in-the-ass prison Beijing style.
It will be interesting to see how season 5 plays out but my guess is that the former Mr. Bauer will still be wanted by the Chinese as they don't believe he was killed and they will discover that he is still alive.