Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Pardon the hiatus but we were away for the Memorial Day weekend.
We took a little trip up north to visit Mrs. Shife's family.
It was a much-needed break.
Here's some photographic evidence:

Cutest truck driver I have ever seen. One of the few times I was able to capture her smile before she turned away. It wasn't too long ago when she didn't mind sitting still for a picture. 

Kyle found the tall, tall grass and it turned out to be very advantageous for games of hide and seek 

 Hayden Belle cleared for take off. 

The kids with Grandma saying hello and goodbye to the cows. They named them Chuck, T-Bone, Hamburger and Sirloin.

Why yes of course I'm sharing with my cousin. I gave her a frisbee. Jeez. Back off old man.

 Side by side in the side by side. Grandpa's new ATV was a big hit with Kyle and Hayden.

 A hotly, contested game of tetherball against Kirby. I do believe Kyle's aerodynamic footy pajamas gave him the edge and eventual victory over the big, black dog. 

First catch of 2014 for Kyle Bunga.  

The fisherman and his haul. Get in my belly, fish. 

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Band Aid

I took a trip to the rotten, shitty, guilt-filled area of parenthood yesterday.
I don't want to get into details but I just didn't have one of my better days as a dad.
I woke up this morning still feeling pretty awful about the way I handled things with the kiddos.
As I was getting ready for work, I cut myself shaving and put a band aid on to help the healing process and to avoid getting blood on my shirt.
Living in a house with a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, we have lots of band aids, which was great for me and my shaving accident. Unfortunately, what was not so great for me was that all of our band aids are adorned with cartoon characters like Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Dora the Explorer.
Well I slapped Dora on my neck and went about my business.
I reminded myself on the way to work to remember to take off that band aid so I didn't walk into the office wearing a pink band aid.
As I made my way into work I stopped by to say hello to Connie, one of the ladies that comes in early as well.
We chatted for a few minutes and then I headed over to my desk.
As I took off my back pack, my hand brushed by something on my neck that I was supposed to remember to take off before I went into work.
Good old Dora the Explorer made it all the way into the office with me.
I went back over to Connie's desk to let her know that I normally don't make a habit of wearing my children's band aids to work but I cut myself shaving and didn't have other options.
She just laughed and told me she did indeed notice but didn't want to say anything because she didn't know what kind of morning I was having.
Up to that point, it was okay but then it got a whole lot better because I realized that today is a new day with new opportunities and to make the best out of it.
I am a big believer in signs from the universe.
Sometimes we notice them and sometimes we don't.
Today I was paying attention.
Gracias Dora.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shadow Warrior

Helping out my buddy Jay by promoting his upcoming book, and he's an awesome writer and an even cooler dude because he's a big fan of sports teams from St. Louis just like me. 

Shadow Warrior
The agony of a failed quest haunts Kanze Zenjiro, but the betrayal by those he once trusted has turned his world upside down. With a heart full of hatred and defeat, Zen is desperate to return home and demand the truth from his father.
Meanwhile, the Iberian Empire sends their soaring airships and steam-powered giants into the Orient. They threaten to upset the balance of power, hoping to exploit the faraway land in their greed for the resources needed to power their machines. Zen and his companions must fight to keep the world from plunging into total destruction.
And at the center of it all is a nine year old boy with the power of a god.

Shadow Warrior's release date is scheduled for August 4, 2014.

Jay Noel Blog
Official Author Website

Here's the cover for Shadow Warrior, the second book in Jay Noel's steampunk series, The Mechanica Wars

Friday, May 09, 2014

Pixel Parade 2014

5-year-olds love sitting still and getting their picture taken by their dad. 

 I know he's only 5 but Kyle isn't exactly enjoying soccer. Maybe he'll get World Cup fever. 

I talked about it last week but here's a photo of Kyle explaining to his friends that he likes Darth Vader because he took off his mask, said bye to his son, and then died.  

My little darling Hayden. She's awesome. 

Hi my name is Tank and I eat poop. 

 Introduced Kyle and Hayden to skee ball. I think Kyle is a natural. 

Hayden riding a ho ho (her word for a horse).

Kyle explaining to Hayden where the wild things are as we went on a hike earlier this week. 

He looks pretty good on a Harley.  

This might be what a girl wants but Mr. Shife doesn't want to see this in his email inbox.

Take care. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies out there. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Friday, May 02, 2014

Random Acts of Shifeness

-- Beer Me: Well it looks like my beer drinking days are going to be delayed a little bit longer. I had a beer for the first time in 63 days last Sunday, and the allergic reaction showed up on my tongue Thursday. And honestly the beer was okay but I think I have become accustomed to drinking rum, vodka and tequila. Maybe that will change but for the time being I'm just going to go with my cocktails.
-- Teacher Helper: Kyle wraps up pre-school this month, and today was my last day as a teacher-helper. It was a little sad saying goodbye to his awesome little pre-school especially considering my first experience as a helper at his school.
-- Darth Vader: When a parent is a teacher-helper, the kid gets to bring one of their favorite toys and sit in front of the class telling all of his friends about it. Kyle brought in his Darth Vader Angry Birds toy (a link if you want to check out the toy) and explained to his classmates that he likes Darth Vader because when he dies at the end he takes off his mask and says goodbye to his son. I'm sure I can psychoanalyze that a few different ways but I just laughed because I love how he tells the story.
-- School Pic: Here's a photo of the little man from picture day at school. What do you think? If we are FB friends then you already saw it so sorry ...

Melanie Folwell Portrait + Design Boise, ID Modern Photographer: Boise Cooperative Preschool: 2014 &emdash;

-- Apologies: I am sorry because it doesn't seem like I'm coming up with good anecdotes lately. Doing a lot of Random Acts and weekly recaps but right now I'm struggling to figure out which day of the week it is and if I'm working or if Sarah's working and who is watching the kids, etc. One day it will get back to normal. I hope.
-- Piling On: To make things even more interesting, Kyle and Hayden have soccer Saturdays so our mornings are spent at the park watching them play ball. Unfortunately they are at the same time and at different parks so we have to split up to make it happen.
-- Something Funny:

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.