Random Acts of Shifeness: Presidents Day Weekend

  • I'm pretty excited. It's Presidents Day Weekend. Can't wait to buy something on sale that I don't need but sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. Ever since I got my butt surgery I have had my eye on a little something something for the beach this summer and as luck would have it, this piece of cotton awesomeness is on sale. 

  • I had a few issues with my brain this week. First there was the dreaded foot-in-mouth disease. I ran into someone I hadn't seen in awhile and knew that they had recently married. After some small talk, I asked how the married life was treating her. Turns out her husband committed suicide. She was nice and understanding about it, but I did feel like a horse's ass. 
  • Then my brother called me to ask me if I had watched a game this week and in the middle of the conversation I realized that I had forgotten his birthday. Technically I still had 2 hours to go before it was no longer his special day but if he hadn't called then I would have not remembered. Felt like a horse's ass again. 
  • On to better times. The kiddos got to try out rock climbing and really liked it. I even have photographic evidence to prove it. 

  • And in case you were wondering, Kyle had a wonderful time at the science fair. He was having such a good time he danced with a robot. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Rock climbing and dancing with robots sound like lots of fun. What a good dad you are.

  2. Robot dancing! Sounds fun :-)

  3. Oh wow, what fun. Why didn't they have robots when I was a kid? A few people I know must have felt like a horse's ass, and my reassurance that they couldn't possibly have known about Joe didn't seem to work. Mind you, forgetting your brother's birthday is ... well ... koff koff :O)

  4. I tried indoor rock climbing once and enjoyed it. I felt sorry for the guy below having to hoist me up though. The Kid was scared so I was on my own. Glad yours enjoyed it.

  5. did kyle hand you his soda and say, hold my drink and watch this!

    (i'm still available for adoption)

  6. Don't feel too bad about the "foot in mouth" moment. A few months ago I found out a coworker had married a guy I worked with a few years ago and when I asked her "How's married life?", she responds "Oh. We're separated".


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