Pixel Parade 2014

5-year-olds love sitting still and getting their picture taken by their dad. 

 I know he's only 5 but Kyle isn't exactly enjoying soccer. Maybe he'll get World Cup fever. 

I talked about it last week but here's a photo of Kyle explaining to his friends that he likes Darth Vader because he took off his mask, said bye to his son, and then died.  

My little darling Hayden. She's awesome. 

Hi my name is Tank and I eat poop. 

 Introduced Kyle and Hayden to skee ball. I think Kyle is a natural. 

Hayden riding a ho ho (her word for a horse).

Kyle explaining to Hayden where the wild things are as we went on a hike earlier this week. 

He looks pretty good on a Harley.  

This might be what a girl wants but Mr. Shife doesn't want to see this in his email inbox.

Take care. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies out there. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Your narration is as good as your pictures. My dumb dogs still eats her own poop but at least she looks toward the window to check and see if I'm watching. That first picture..is it overlooking Boise?

  2. Yes that's Boise in the background kden. It's called Tablerock. Pretty cool place with some great views.

  3. Kyle has an avid listener in his audience... smitten by him or his words, I wonder?

    I agree with you, Hayden is awesome.

    My dog ate poop, I could never understand what he saw in it... grins.

    Hope you're feeling okay now, Matt. Have a good weekend.

  4. Beautiful children living a beautiful life. You and Mrs. Shife are doing wonderfully with these babies.

  5. Kyle kicks major ass. If my son told the whole class all that stuff about Darth from the original Star Wars, I would have wept like a baby so hard they would throw my ass out of kindergarten.

    Also, it looks like he his trying to hump ski ball, and that's how much I love ski ball. That's what I want to do to ski ball. Hump it.

  6. if you want kyle to catch world cup fever you should buy a 500 inch 3d curved screen tv.

    since dogs have noses that are infinitely more sensitive and accurate than ours there's a good chance we're missing out on something really good in the poop.

  7. Kyle looks pretty natural on that Harley, you may have to steer him away from the motorcycle gang life.

    Great pics, have a good one.

  8. That was fun. Love the Tablerock background. Almost looks like he's on another planet. But I'm from St. Louis, so our terrain is pretty damn boring.

    And he looks like Kyle's explaining Darth Vader to that cute blond.

  9. I'm pretty sure that Colin would have wiggled his way right off that rock. That is some very pretty scenery though.


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