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It is safe to say that May has not been a very productive month for this blog. It is a combination of post-40 blues and general apathy. I might hire a horse to give me a swift kick in the butt to see if that gets me going in the right direction or maybe I will just have Elvis fondle me again. It is definitely going to be erratic for the rest of the spring and summer because me and the family will be busy enjoying festivities that accompany the warmer weather like vacations, weddings, get togethers, sporting events, vasectomies, and overall laziness. OK one of those items is false but I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention. So what are you looking forward to in the next few months?
  • May - Softball season is finally under way for Mr. Shife after getting clearance from the Doctor.
  • May - Visit from family.
  • May - Heading to STL and Peoria to visit family.
  • June - Going to a wedding in one of the finest areas known to man, The Palouse.
  • June - World Cup Soccer. Unfortunately I will not be there in person but watching lots of it on TV.
  • June - Trip to Salt Lake City to watch a soccer game and let Mrs. Shife go crazy at the outlet malls.
  • July - Celebrating the Fourth with family and friends.
  • July - Drunkfest ... errr ... Alumni meeting with fraternity brothers.
  • July - 10K or Half-Marathon. More likely a 10K because of the ankle recovery but maybe a 13.1.
  • July - Jaialdi 2010. Huge Basque festival in Boise that happens every 5 years.
  • August - Braun Brothers Reunion. Awesome outdoor concert event in an awesome setting, Challis, ID.
  • August - Softball tournament. Of course assuming my body is still holding up after 4 months of softball.
  • August - Mysterious road trip. Destination chosen by Mrs. Shife.
Talk to you later, and I guess it is about time I shared a new picture of Baby Shife. Here he is after he had a battle with some chocolate pudding:


  1. Looks like Baby Shife soundly defeated the chocolate pudding.

  2. Yes he did Just Bob. And the pudding defeated me when I had to change his diaper a few hours later.

  3. Haha. The pudding came out looking just how it looked going in, only smellier.

    Hey, don't have the blues about being 40! You have a wonderful family, and you're a good dude.

  4. Your absences in Blogland will be sorely felt. What I want to know is HOW WILL I GET MY WEEKLY FIX OF CUTIE BOY? Could you make a calendar or something? But my real reason for writing this comment is to wish you a happy summer. It's good that you know where your priorities lie. See you around, kid!

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  6. Pictures like that make me want to clean up that face and then kiss, kiss, kiss it.
    Yes. I am a grandmother. Why do you ask?
    Sounds like you have a great summer mapped out.

  7. So you' will forgo the blog for a life? Man!
    Pudding is as pudding does.

    Captcha word is: 'desserst'. What are the odds?

  8. I went to a wedding the other night, it was a good one. They had it at a natural history museum and had an open champagne bar. I got drunk and looked at dinosaurs.
    Looks like that was some good pudding!

  9. lol cute pic dude!..HAPPY MONDAY my friend!

  10. I laughed out loud at that cute happy face!

    Sounds like a great spring and summer to me, Shife.

    Basque food is a real treat! Enjoy some for me. There is nothing like that up in my area now. But I grew up with it around.

  11. a guy can never have too much pudding. i'll bet quince is good at cleaning any pudding spills.

  12. Looks like you've got a busy summer lined out. Good job sir. That's the way life should be.

  13. Baby Shife looks quite a bit like your profile pic there.

  14. Well, doggone it, have a great spring and summer.
    I believe that all the problems of the world would be solved if we just ate pudding.
    And cake. I like cake...
    Enjoy, Mr. Shife.

  15. That's a pretty full schedule you got there. Good luck! Let us know when (if?) you learn the mystery destination!

  16. Baby Shife won!! That chocolate pudding, no contest!

  17. Hope u had a sweet weekend my friend!!:-)

  18. Are you home this weekend? Or away? Let's have an update!


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