So it begins .....

Stardate 052609: Day 1 of being held captive by a 2-month old baby.
Mrs. Shife went back to work today so it is just me, the fat basset, and Baby Shife.
All in all it was an OK day.
We got up about 7:30 and played for a little bit.
Then he told me he was hungry - for a two-month old he is a very effective communicator - but the methods I proposed for satisfying his hunger were unacceptable to Baby Shife.
I offered a bottle, and he counter offered with a meltdown.
This battle of wills went on for the next two hours.
Each side plotted their next move carefully but no progress was made.
Then a wise old man made a suggestion.
Sometimes referred to as Captain Furry Pants, the wily old fat basset realized his nap time was getting cut shorter and shorter as this senseless war of the Shifleys raged on so he offered to help.
And then suddenly my son was willing to take the bottle.
It is amazing how a 55-pound hungry dog can so easily influence a little dude.

Evidently Quincy thinks babies look pretty yummy.


  1. Is little baby Shife breast fed normally? Because really, which would you rather have... and I don't need to have that answer, I know it. ha!

    Shife, I love Quincy more every time I see him. Leave it to Captain Furry Pants to save the day!

    If it makes you feel any better, eventually my youngest, who was cared for by dad, like Baby Shife, eventually, he decided that dad was better than mom for a time. Babies flip flop on that issue depending on who's handing out the food. ;-)

    It will get easier soon. You are doing a fantastic job daddy Shife!

  2. Okay, I'm squealing from the cuteness of that picture.


    Captain Furry Pants aka Fat Bassett is almost as adorable as his young charge.

  3. LOL! I love this picture!

    Maybe you need to grow some moobs so the boy can breastfeed. Plus, I hear that it encourages bonding during feeding... LMAO

  4. Please. Let me hold your baby. Just for a minute. Really. I'll give him back. I promise!
    (Aren't you glad I live in Florida?)

  5. You are never alone when you have yourself a fat basset!

  6. wishing happy meals, fun times, and sweet dreams to all

  7. excellent photo.

    your lucky to be having this adventure in the digital age.

  8. Quincy just wants nougat filled diaper.

  9. The fat bassett is going to love Baby Shife even more when he learns to throw food from his high chair....

    I love the "counter offer" just wait..if gets even better...

  10. awesome. i asked for a pic of The Smidget with Quincy and 'Sweet-Wham!Wake me up before you go-go action...?!!" .... the next thing I see is my wish realized in an actual, -downloadable- request materialized, viewable format.

    I think I'm starting to realize that I just may be, in fact.... higher up on the like scale (in your ridiculously funny mind) AND better entertainment than LoverBoy.

  11. Captain Furry Pants to tha rescuuuee!

  12. That's a real cute baby you have there. Don't ask how I stumbled on your blog but stumble I did and now I go away with a huge smile. I'll be back though.

  13. That's a real cute baby you have there. Don't ask how I stumbled on your blog but stumble I did and now I go away with a huge smile. I'll be back though.

  14. I have a feeling that I could copy and paste your posts for myself for later this year, and it would still be appropriate. I think this is the web equivalent of looking at a cliff, and then looking at you and saying "You go first".

  15. I'm thinking that the Fat Bassett threatened Shife Jr when you weren't looking.

  16. SO WAS HE YELLING AT YOU? MAYBE BABY SHIFELY THOUGHT THAT YELLING WAS FUN TOO! Here's to getting the noise level back down to tolerable.

  17. I'm loving the name Captain Furry Pants!

  18. You know, I was just bitchin' on my blog about how Fat Basset was now "last." Now I'm laughing my ass off. I don't think so!!!

    The three of you are hilarious. And mommy trust you together? Wow. And all of these friends trust you together? Wow. I gotta amp it up a notch!!! *Suze looks at the bigger picture.* What? Leave me alone. I'm trying. "Give me back my fleece blankie because Wee One and Basset aren't going to get it.

    He's breast fed. Right? Good. Mommy must be so tired working for that wee bit of stuff. Treat it like gold. Oh, you know I'm coming to Utah if you need help. So are all our friends!!! OH. MY. GOD BABY!!!. THIS. COULD. BE. THE. FAMILY. PICNIC!!!

    Love you so darling. Hang in there. You and Fat Basset are greatest dads and you know it! (What? Of course I'm laughing.)


    P.S. So fun to see so many wonderful friends here. Funny how we all found our way to one another. I wish I could meet everyone else, but damn, there are only 24 hours in a day.

    Love you so.


  19. Great picture!!
    I don't know from experience, but from what my friends and siblings tell me, babies can duel in a battle of wills from day one!!

  20. Just trolling for an update...

  21. This is a great post. I am sure you're doing a great job, and an awesome dad.

    Love the picture!!!


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