The Barkery

On Saturday, Sarah and I ran some errands which included dropping off flyers at the pet stores informing the world that Quincy had started his own Boise Basset Hound Group and he wanted people to join. Anyway, we stopped at a new place, The Dog House, and they have a barkery. Well we loaded Quincy up with some goodies and he seemed to be pretty happy with our choices. But I just wonder in 5 years will I look back and think what a dork I used to be when it came to Quincy especially if we have kids of our own. All of our friends say that the dogs became second-class citizens after they had kids, and I just can't imagine doing that to Quincy. Just my random dog thought of the day.


  1. And you won't, guaranteed. If the dog is part of your family now, it'll stay that way. :o) what kind of dog is Quincy?

  2. And now that I just read the post below I see he's a Bassett Hound, very cool. :o) I have a terri-poo with attitude.


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