T-Minus 20 Days

I have covered many important topics on this blog like inappropriate erections, the risks of wearing white thong underwear, basset hounds and midget westerns.
You are welcome.
But today I want to talk about an extremely serious topic: strange food origins.
Did you know that Graham crackers and corn flakes were invented to prevent sexual urges?
Let's not talk about that.
Let's talk about me.
Is there anything you want to ask me?
Something that you would like to know about dear, old me.

 Yes, I am fishing for material.

It's going to be a long month and I need to have some stuff to talk about. 
I guess that means my April challenge will be to blog every day.
I was planning on going until my birthday (4/24) but I think I can make it a few more days.
Especially if I have some great questions from my wonderful blogging friends.
What are you waiting for? 

I hope to do better tomorrow.
Stay safe, take care and thanks for being there.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. You haven't talked much about your cochlear implant since you got it done. How is it working for you?

  2. Hmmmm... I met Mrs. S when she was
    a young toddler. I vividly remember
    the toast you made to your FIL at
    the wedding. Cracked me up. Want
    to tell folks that?
    stay well, stay safe. xoxox :-)

  3. Let's see...

    1. Are you a good cook? What's the last thing you made to eat in the kitchen? (not counting a sandwich)

    2. When you were a kid (pre-teenage years) what was your favorite TV show.

  4. I'm curious about the toast now.

  5. I'm curious about the toast now, too :)

    Do you have any hobby you haven't mentioned already? Or an old hobby you've given up but are thinking about doing again "when you have time" (i.e. after the kids grow up!).

    Also, do you and Mrs. Shife have a garden (flower or vegetable)? Apologies if you've mentioned this but I didn't pick up on it.

    What's your spirit animal? Or if you could come back as any animal, what would it be?

  6. How old were you when you married and when each of your children were born?


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