Day 23 of my September challenge.

It has been a long time since I wrote these words... revenge of the basset
But they are back as we naively forgot that vengence is strong with this breed.
Ms. Lucy introduced Kyle to it recently. 
Ignoring a basset is a no-no.
And they almost will certainly let you know about it.

Kyle took Ms. Lucy outside for a few minutes to let her take care of business.
She was not interested in taking care of business so he brought her hack in.
Instead of giving her his attention, he decide to play video games with his friends.
That was the first mistake by Kyle.

She then pooped right in front of him.
Kyle was disappointed in Lucy's behavior and he let her know it with a violent threat:
"I’m gonna fill a pillowcase full of bars of soap and beat the crap out of you!"
I kid. Kyle never said that. It's a quote from the movie "Step Brothers."
He just said what you can imagine "No no, bad dog, etc."
Well, that was the second mistake by Kyle because Lucy wasn't a fan of his tone or attitude.

Lucy then pooped again right in front of him.
Kyle is a quick study and wasn't ready to make a third mistake.

He logged off from his gaming session and gave Lucy some attention. 
Hope your Friday is treating you well. 
Talk to you tomorrow.

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream.


  1. So who cleaned up the poop? And this is why I don't own a dog, however cute Lucy may be!

  2. Blech. My Mari may be annoying and destructive at times but so far has been good about using her litter box. ;)

  3. Are you sure Lucy isn't part cat? That's a catty thing to do.

  4. I have been subjected to Pooping Dog Revenge and it's not pretty!

  5. Where is Lucy getting all this poop from?

  6. Poor Kyle. Who neglected his Bassett education?

  7. Lol, that sounds a lot like our new puppy, who is really smart and does go in for revenge with his little needle teeth. I am going to have scars……

    1. We are going to have scars as well

  8. LOL I have a dog, I understand this.

  9. I thought you knew, basset hounds are very good a training humans.

  10. Some people learn the hard way.

    1. It is the best teacher some times

  11. I think Kyle learned his lesson!

  12. lucy would have found herself in confinement at my apt.

    1. She has had a few time outs lately


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