Holy Shitnuggets!!

  • I started keeping a daily journal in 2005 and I am glad I did because it's nice to look back on some memories that I had forgotten about. Now that you have that context, here's something that happened on this date in Shifley family history:
    In 2015, I retired from my full-time gig as a stay-at-home dad. I got an offer from a freelance client and it felt like a good time to go back to the office. Looking back, I am not sure how I or the kids made our way through but we did. I was a stay-at-home dad for nearly 7 years. It certainly wasn't easy but more rewarding than anything else I have done in my life. 
  • Speaking of that, here's picture of me with two of my favorite humans: 
  • Does it look like I might be thinking about throwing him off the bridge? 
  • We went on a Father's Day hike to a place called Celebration Park. It might be time to start hiking in the mountains because it's getting a little too warm in the desert. I mean it's officially summer now. 
  • Speaking of summer, I think we better stick to hiking as far as plans go because Idaho went back to Stage 3 as we saw an increase in COVID-19 cases. Honestly, I am little confused. What did they think was going to happen when they opened up the entire state again? The virus isn't going away just because we were in Stage 4. 
  • I hope you are well and thanks for giving me some good news last week. I needed it and it was much appreciated. Talk to you on Friday. Take care.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

"To err on the side of passion is human and right and the only way I'll live."
Pat Tillman, 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 #GoneButNotForgetten


  1. At least hiking is something you all enjoy; and spending time together. It heated up fast here too; already looking forward to the cooler weekend. I'm not so sure we will ever get out of phase 2. I think our governor is doing a good job, but so many people oppose him which is why we're in this condition.

  2. Your new phrase is a good one. I may have to borrow that sometime. I love that you were a stay at home Dad. I'm sure it shows in your relationships with your kids too! I hope your state improves soon. I agree with you - what do they expect will happen when they open up??? Our state opened up completely on the 16th and the number of cases have started going up now. I won't be surprised if we end up in lockdown again, that is if the officials are not too stubborn to do something about the growing number of cases.

    Take care and I hope you had a great Father's Day!

  3. I keep waiting for my state to make changes to the "phase" we're in. I guess when you're called "The next epicenter" behind Italy, it's okay to just pull liquor licenses. The city just mandated masks, but I don't know the effectiveness of that.

  4. I think I have a new word in my vocabulary - shitnugget.
    Thank you for that. :-)
    And boy are your correct - we aren't having a 2nd wave - our first one hasn't been finished. We are not in a place to be opened yet. But what do I know right? Have a great day!

  5. We are still in Stage One here
    or as I like to call it Stage Zero.
    take care! xoxo :-)

  6. In terms of re-opening, it does seem like one stage forward, one or two stages back. I don't know how keen I'll be to eat out once the restos in my area re-open. :S

  7. Hiking sounds like an excellent safe activity. It's good for getting exercise and letting kids burn off energy.

    We're in no rush to go out anywhere, being the homebodies that we are, but it would be much harder for those who are social and have been cooped up forever.

    Stay safe, S Family!

  8. I hope you and the rest of the S's climb every mountain!
    No luck on the book yet. I hope your MIL knows. Basically, it is a west Texas plains depression childhood. Thanks.

    1. I will make sure I ask her when I see her this week, Joanne.

  9. Everything opens again here in the UK on the 4th July, but I'm in no rush to go anywhere. Covid-19 hasn't gone away, so as soon as people start to go out and about again, the numbers will go up. They are opening schools, and some have already closed due to staff and kids getting the virus.

  10. At least you have some wonderful places to hike in Idaho. Here it is too hot and humid, but I spent the last five days up in the Blue Ridge Mountains--where it was delightful!



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