T-Minus 8 Days

A question from the amazing and talented lady in Ohio, Joanne.
I got married in 2004 when I was 34.
Great day.
Nervous doesn't even begin to describe it.
Some family friends of Mrs. Shife had me do two shots of vodka to help settle me down before we said our vows.
Here's the story of how I met Mrs. Shife if you want to know more about the love of my life.

Kyle was born in 2009 when I was 38.
Another great day.
And another nervous one.
No shots of vodka this time.
I never thought I wanted kids.
I am glad I didn't listen to myself on that one.
I have been called many things but being called Daddy is probably the best one.

Hayden was born in 2011 when I was 41.
She made us wait two extra weeks.
But it was definitely worth it.
Fatherhood changes you but it really changes you when you have a daughter.
Nothing quite like it.
Her fingers may still be small but she has me wrapped around them.

And now it's 2020. 
For those of you that were asking in my last post, I am counting down to my birthday. 
No big celebration this year thanks to COVID-19.
I guess you guys are going to have to do something to make me feel special. 
No pressure.

I hope to do better tomorrow.
Stay safe, take care and thanks for being there.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. I love the pictures you shared! You have a beautiful family.

  2. Aww the babies are adorable!
    Mrs. Shife is very pretty, Mr. Shife.
    I'd have to say some people are just naturally good parents. Parenting does not come with a manual and it is something I would never try. I'm too immature and too self-centered to have even pets. Yours is a beautiful family! Those baby pics are everything.

    And darn, now I have to start thinking what you'd get for your bday?


  3. No need for me to try and make you feel special.... you already are. Just ask your lovely wife and children if you don't believe me.

  4. Always love to hear these. We've known each other since 2005, so I feel lucky to have been around for most of this story.

  5. Bonnie said exactly what I was thinking....thanks for sharing!

  6. Two of my grand nieces and nephews!
    stay safe, xoxo :-)

  7. We'll bake you a virtual cake. :)

    Your wedding photo is lovely. You both look so happy.

    Thanks for answering Joanne's questions!

  8. I see. I didn't know you back when you posted about meeting Mrs. Shife. Thank you for the lovely post and pictures. Keep moving forward.

  9. These are great pictures of watershed moments in your lives. I agree with Sixpence - some folks just seem to be naturally good parents, and you two are a good example.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Mr. S.

  10. aww...beautiful photos....
    wonderful family....

  11. I never thought I wanted kids either. Usually it's the kids that come along that change your mind quickly.


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