How I Met Mrs. Shife

In a county far, far away it was the 1997 spring semester at the University of Idaho. Mr. Shife was set to graduate in 2 months and then depart to Nashville, TN to begin film school. He had just ended a relationship with a girl and was ready to enjoy his last 60 days on campus. Mr. Shife's fraternity had a huge party at the end of the semester called the Pirate's Dance. The house got decorated like a pirate ship, there was an awesome seafood dinner and of course lots of boozing. Well since this was going to be my last hurrah at the house I wanted an awesome date. I contacted my girl friends at a sorority and put in a request -- I want a date that is 21, has no boyfriend and just wants to have fun. The girls sprung into action and before I could say Chewbacca likes to chug cock they informed me that they had the perfect girl for me. So I was set. Well fast forward a week and I was partying at my fraternity with some of the girls who set me up. It was a polyester party and everyone was in some sort of '70s gear. My outfit consisted of an outrageously ugly shirt with the sleeves cut off and a fake leather vest and some really nice bell bottoms. The girls I was with decided some make-up would really tie my outfit together so I got some blush, lipstick, eye liner, etc. put on by these good samaritans. So I am all done up looking like a cross-dressing polyester hooker and did I mention I am pretty hammered as well. The girls have to run back to their sorority so I decide to tag along and as I am waiting in their entryway along comes my date. She walks in not paying much attention to the weirdo on the bench, but my girl friends come get me at the same time and that is when I met Mrs. Shife. I was dressed up like a gay disco queen and she was in sweats and a sweatshirt because she has just gotten back from cleaning a house. There was no spark or love at first sight, just an introduction. Fast forward a month and I pick up Mrs. Shife for my dance and this time we are both dressed more appropriately. And we went out to a bar with some friends to grab a few drinks before the dance started and we just clicked. I fought it as long as I could because I knew I was leaving to go to film school, but Mrs. Shife is irresistible and that day was the beginning of our courtship. I decided I would regret not finding out if this was the love of my life and put film school on hold and came back to school at Idaho to get another degree while Mrs. Shife finished up her degree. We got engaged in March 1999 at my sister's wedding, and then we got married in September 2004. That's right we waited 5 years, but we both march to a different beat and we waited until we were ready.
So that's how I met the most wonderful girl in the world.


  1. That is a sweet story. It brought a tear to my eye :).

    I hope that someone says such sweet things about me someday...I doubt it though

  2. What a cute story!

  3. That's awesome man. Good times!

  4. that's awesome! i bet she loved you as dorothy at halloween too didn't she? lol!!

  5. What a great "how we met" story !!...the fact that you stayed there to finish school together is awesome !!'re both very lucky to have found each other ! :)

  6. That's a great story, man. Sometimes I wonder when I'll meet Msrs. Coloradohurricane.

    Hopefully, someday soon.

  7. That was such a sweet we hear HER version of it? ;)

  8. Loved it! Two thumbs up!

  9. Someday I'll have to post how I met Mrs. Taylor. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

  10. *tear* too cute.

    i hope that one day i can meet a mr. cranberry, or potato head for that matter.

  11. sweet!!! What a lucky girl! :)

  12. Amazing story!
    About the pirates, did you guys have to say "aargh" a lot. I parited with a Sigma Chi once who told my cousin (one that he was hitting on) that he was going to speak nothing but pirate for the entire night. She asked the bouncer to keep an eye on the "pirate" and then snuck out the backdoor.

  13. What a nifty story. I'm surprised she still went to your party after she saw you as a gay queen, but maybe she's into that. :)

  14. Totally awwesome!!! As usual you rock!!! better than the romance novel I read this weekend!!!

  15. Awww, that's a really good story. You're a good man mr.shife. You scored big points ;-)

  16. awww and you guys make such a cute couple

  17. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That's so sweet. And kudos for spreading the love around to all your blog readers.

  18. wow. that was gay.

    are you in the doghouse or something?

  19. Sweet.

    I don't come here for sweet.

  20. I think your female readers see this sweet side of you. I like that you often talk about your woman in a good and non-degrading way and that's how we all want our man to think of us.

    This is really nice, Mr Shife! You are one of the few gentlemen around!

    I met quite a lot of guys in my sorority parties but I haven't met a drag queen gentleman!

  21. Blonde -- Oh I doubt it, you are a sweetheart. You just have to find the right dude.

    SN -- Why thank you.

    CS -- You know it brother.

    Cher -- It was her idea.

    SSG -- I thank my lucky stars every night.

    DT -- Good point, Darius.

    CH -- Oh she is out there.

    ME -- That is the honest to goodness truth.

    Scarlett -- Thanks.

    Jon -- Look forward to reading it.

    Cranberry -- There are plenty of potato heads out here in Idaho.

    The_Mrs. -- Thanks, you are too kind.

    Vince -- I got lucky finding her.

    Toto -- We are planning on discussing kids later this year.

    DG -- I am the lucky one.

    Armaedes -- I know I am giving guys a bad name but love makes you do funny things. There I go again.

    Angel -- Yes we did. We spent the whole week getting our house ready so there was a lot of pirate talk going on.

    Luke -- She hasn't mentioned it yet.

    Sugar -- Thanks.

    ST -- Well I am glad you enjoyed it.

    DB -- Mrs. Shife was very happy with the story.

    PE -- She makes me look good.

    Nicole -- You are welcome.

    LB -- Oh behave. It wasn't that bad.

    T. Leach -- Hey I have to keep the female demographic happy.

    NM -- Thank you. You haven't even seen one on Halloween? Maybe you need to take a trip across the pond.

  22. Wow! What a great story, that's so awesome you stayed there just to be with her. Glad you guys are happily married, here is to many more great years!

  23. Wonderful story... believe it or not, I met my wife on a plane flight from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls, but that was back in 1990 and we married two years later.


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