Random Acts of Shifeness - Are My Roots Showing?

  • Finally.
    The weekend has arrived.

  • March's monthly challenge - No complaining. Lots and lots of positivity.
    Wish me luck as being a ray of sunshine doesn't exactly come easily to me.
    I have always been a glass-half-empty kind of guy.
    Blame it all my on my roots.
    My Catholic upbringing showed up in boots,
    And ruined my positive mentality affair.
    Isn't that how the Garth Brooks song goes?
    Seriously, Catholic guilt passed down from my Mom's mom to her then to me.
    It goes way back.
    I have met my extended family members.
  • The March challenge was definitely put to the test this morning as I spent almost 2 hours at DMV to get my license renewed.
    It was definitely the bestest of times.
    Sarcasm is another reason why I am going to have trouble not complaining all month long.
    It's like a second language to me. 
    At least I look happy in my license photo.

  • Any thoughts on the map below?
    Do you notice any patterns? 
  • According to Google, there is where I have been over the past 5 years.
    I used to have much more travel diversity but since my Mom passed away, I have spent all of my time in the West and Northwest.
    Except for the 33rd state.
    Apparently, Oregon can suck it.
    You would almost think I had a bad experience there. 
  • Blame that one on my roots as well.
    My dad was in the military and we moved a lot when I was a kid.
    Illinois --> Missouri --> Nevada --> North Dakota --> Alaska --> Idaho --> Illinois --> Japan --> Nevada --> Florida --> Idaho 
  • I am happy to stay in one place. My current stint in Idaho has lasted more than 21 years. 
  • Talk to you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald 


  1. I loves my brother - he is
    handling my folks estate.
    They lived in 12 different
    houses over the years as
    my dad got transferred from
    job to job from Nothern BC
    to Louisiana.
    Take care! xoxo

  2. Oh, I don't think I could do the no complaining thing; it's in my blood! Oregon is where we have spent a lot of our time. It's interesting to look back to see where you've been.

  3. How does Google know all that info about you. Mr. G only began tracking me last year. And now I get a monthly report. Creepy.

  4. I think I'd need to stop talking altogether in order to not complain. Or, as you have pointed out, resort to sarcasm. What a worthy goal, though. Good luck and even if you fall off the whiny wagon, it's a good exercise to try. Now I've convinced myself I should try it. Maybe not for a whole month. Maybe not for a whole week. But maybe for a day. Start small is my motto :D

    Have a great week, Mr. S.

  5. 'I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.'

    .......... and if you don't you'll have me to contend with.

  6. "I have always been a glass-half-empty kind of guy." Me too, but not because of Catholic upbringing, just a crappy one thanks to my mother. Staying positive is a challenge. Good for you for trying.

  7. Lmao, that first GIF is both cute and funny at the same time! :)

  8. It is hard to change the habits of a lifetime!!! But it will be worth the effort.

  9. I have actively been working on being grateful for even the smallest events in life that bring me even a sliver of contentment. My mother, raised Irish Catholic, did not raise us with religion, but she did pass down the guilt. Being a pessimist comes quite naturally to me, so it's been hard to fight, but well worth the effort. May this month bring you a feeling of ease.

    Also that colander-headed picture made me think of Thomas Dolby's song: My Brain is Like a Sieve. And that makes me think of the Golden Era of MTV: early 80s.

  10. I was in Rome, once (never again). The nuns would hike their habits and step over the homeless beggars going in to the churches. I didn't notice any guilt. "Do as I say, not as I do",eh?

  11. I'm often surprised that my Google maps history isn't met with a snarky comment of "You went here how many times?". My map is similar, but of the southeast. Good luck on the quitting complaining. I often tell my kids that unless you are going to do something about it, complaining is incredibly pointless. There are others in their family (not going to identify), who feel that complaining is a competitive sport, so it's a hard habit to break in them.

  12. Brats united..the world could be conquered by brats..

  13. Haha
    Staying positive IS a chore. Really.
    Our catholic upbringing is always in display, either if we like it or not. Really. It's that bad.
    And the DMV is a nightmare. I got my 'real ID' -that piece of racist bullshit- and it took me three hours.
    I have to make sure I check and see how google has been following me. It should be interesting.

    Stay positive!!


  14. Because I had the fattest of fingers last night and accidentally deleted a comment from Tanza.
    Here it is:
    Tanza Erlambang has left a new comment on your post "Random Acts of Shifeness - Are My Roots Showing?":

    aww...you know a lot of states... great experienced...
    I love to live in the Oregon.

    Have a great day. Stay safe


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