Random Acts of Shifeness - Parents Gone Wild

  • Do you ever have a bunch of good blog ideas that you want to share with the world and then when you get ready to type, you can't remember anything?
    Just me?
    Oh, I see what you did you there.
    You are such a silly jokester teasing me like that.

  • I went to find a GIF of a brain fart.
    I found some.
    But I found a baby farting baby powder instead and I thought that worked much better. 
  • Updates
    • August challenge - No tomatoes. It shouldn't be too tough since I am allergic and they do bad things to my tum tum. 
    • Job interview: I formally withdrew from the job that I was a finalist for. I went with my gut and my gut is usually right. Unless I have tomatoes. 
  • Mrs. Shife and I have been getting a little wild this week. 

  • What's the occasion? Well, Kyle and Hayden have been up at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the past week. It's been kinda weird because the house is so quiet. 
  • But Mrs. Shife and I did have some fun while they were away. Some of our accomplishments include talking to each other without being interrupted, finishing a few TV shows, going out date nights without having to get a babysitter, sleeping in, walking around in our birthday suits, napping guilt-free, not as much laundry, drinking heavily, eating all of the good snacks and other things (if you know what I mean). 
  • We do miss them terribly and can't wait to see them tomorrow. 
  • How has your week been? 
  • Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Good that you went with your gut! Guit-free naps & less laundry sound pretty dang fine.

  2. A week of good wildness is its own best reward.

  3. :-) Glad a good time was had by
    all. We are now awaiting a drop
    in temps and thundershowers.
    Stay safe! xoxoxxoxoxo

  4. I remember those days of sending the kids off to Grandma's for a glorious week that is much like you described. I also remember the year the youngest said "I don't wanna go!", which ended the week long vacay for the parents. Sigh.

    So glad you chose the farting baby, it's been awhile since I've seen that one. Awwww

    Is it a challenge when you don't eat tomatoes anyway? Perhaps you need a break from the challenge. Calling you out on that one, but always with love. :-)

  5. Wait until the kids get older and all you get is weeks, no months alone. The novelty of walking around in Birthday suits becomes a little less appealing. :D

  6. And the bonus is that the kids and the grandparents likely also had a good time :) The kids may not even want to come back!

  7. I always found that longed for time alone was never what I expected. Still is!
    I even got to like school holidays!!!

  8. no, not silly....
    you are a good jokester...sure.

    # Have a nice day

  9. when I babysit the little prince..he will go to sleep after his second bottle..I leave him on my chest and we both sleep..naps fecking rule..
    I remember the first time I walked into my new house after retiring and wondering why it was so quiet..and they were grown kids..sigh*

  10. I completely understand the job situation. It's better to gracefully exit than have the increased pressures.


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