Random Acts of Shifeness - Back to School 2019

  • Back to school and we survived the first week. A few tears but it went well for the most part and the kids are happy with their new teachers and classrooms. 

  • I celebrated back to school week by being some itty bitty creature's meal and woke up to about 1,000,000 (maybe not a million but it sure felt like it) super itchy bug bites that left redness and swelling all over my body. It's not a great look when you are at work and can't stop itching yourself. 
  • I also picked up my quarterly sinus infection. With sinuses that look like a horrendous on/off-ramp at one of America's urban hubs, I was told by the sinus doctor that I can expect to get 3-4 every year. Good times. I am still not sold on the sinus surgery option and I am hoping a clinical trial that accepted me and my shoddy sinuses will provide me with some relief. 

  • Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about the open casket situation. I will probably never learn why but that's OK. 
  • Remember when I shaved my head? Me either until we moved a bunch of old photos to the cloud. It was definitely not a good look for me. Even a beautiful Mrs. Shife and a cute baby Kyle didn't help me out. 
  • Well, that's all for the week. Hope you are doing good and thanks for stopping by. I will chat with you soon. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat. - F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. My mom gets quarterly sinus/ear infections - it's predictable and a huge drag. You have my sympathy. (In her case she has bad sinuses and a perforated ear drum.) I hope you get into that clinical trial.

    The first week of school is always good to get out of the way. By the second week everybody's pretty much back to the routine, which can be a relief for many people.

    There's nothing wrong with your shaved head! When our son's hairline started receding before he even made it to 30, he got a set of clippers and took it all off. Hasn't looked back. I always felt it was a great summer haircut but maybe not so much for the winter :)

  2. School time! ak!
    Kids go back here next week,
    mid-week. Abby will have fewer
    people to supervise as she owns
    the entire neighborhood even if
    they don't know it.
    Bestest luck with the sinus.

  3. Lord, you make me feel old. Two thirds of my grandchildred are through school, and some have embarked on careers. Best of luck to yours; it will be same old/same old come Monday.

  4. I always viewed back to school with sadness and a sense of relief. In a couple of weeks my older daughter leaves for university, and although the clean house will be great, it's sure going to feel lonely around here.

  5. I don't think I have ever had a sinus infection (knock wood), but they do not sound pleasant. The clinical trial could prove to be a boon, so good luck with that.

    Happy Back-To-School Season,

  6. Olivia had a bad could of days and Abby just ambles along..hugging everyone

  7. Aw no, not the sinuses again. I thought you were well rid of that particular problem.
    It is many years since schooldays for me and mine but I do remember hating the end of hols. Hope everything settles down for you all pretty soon.

  8. When I was kid, I am happy too when back to school...hehehe...lol

    Your kids look so enjoy.....

  9. I think u look good with your head shaved

  10. I get sinus headaches and vertigo sometimes due to it but still would rather have that than infections. Ugh.

  11. I can completely sympathize with your bug bites situation. When burying that cat earlier in the week, I was bit by dozens of mosquitoes in some kind of time release attack. Florida is great except for the mosquitoes.


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