Random Acts of Shifeness - Let's Not Meet

  • It has been a long week. I checked to see if our overlords added any hours to the days but it appears that all of them are still set at 24. Maybe I feel like it has been a week because I had 27 meetings in the past 5 days. And most of them were at least 1 hour. What in the wide world of fudge is going on? I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. 
  • Any 4th of July plans? We are taking a few days off and enjoying some family time. It will be nice to have a super long weekend. 
  • I thought this was a pretty good sign. 

  • Recommendation station: Buck, a documentary about a horse whisperer. His message of training horses with compassion, respect, and insight instead of punishment turns out to be pretty darn applicable to how we should treat other humans especially considering Buck grew up in a very abusive household. One critic described it as such: "What I was left with was the goodness of Buck Brannaman as a man. He was dealt a hand that might have destroyed him. He overcame his start and is now a wise and influential role model. He does unto horses as he wishes his father had done onto him."
  • Speaking of good stuff to watch, Mrs. Shife and I started watching "Big Little Lies" and we are hooked. We also enjoyed the Netflix series, "Dead to Me." 

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I'll talk to you soon and have yourself a fabulous weekend. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Christina Applegate has come a LONG way since Married With Children. Her performance around grief & loss in the current show blows my mind. Heck, Everyone on Dead To Me (Ed Asner!) is stellar.

    The first season of Big Little Lies hooked me as well. The second season is, somehow, less captivating, but I'm still along for the ride.

    We're gearing up for Pride Weekend down here. It's wall to wall rainbow flags. :)

    Enjoy time with the fam!

  2. That sign is great! I love both of those shows. If you have Prime, Ozark is great. The 4th is very busy, so no rest for us! Light up a sparker for me.

  3. I think I have somehow missed just about every single Netflix show. Even now, in its third season, I keep saying "I'll watch Stranger Things one of these days". Enjoy the time off on the holiday. I'm taking a few days off too.

  4. Back in the day I was "horse whispering" in the corporate world, my mantra was "people always rise to your expectations!"

  5. Love that gif! Poor guy.

    In Canada, our July 1 holiday has obligingly landed on Monday this year, so we get a three day weekend. I bought two flats of flowers and hope to get them planted between the rain showers that are forecast for the ENTIRE THREE DAYS ... lol

    Have a fantastic break, Shife family.

  6. Wow that a lot of meetings.
    Coffee is on

  7. That first gif cracks me up, mainly because the cat just doesn't give a dam, and then just as you think it couldn't get worse, the guitar hits him too. Love it. Haha. Have a great weekend.

  8. 27 meetings? Wow! Am I glad I don't out to work heehee! Enjoy your TV viewing and anything else you might get up to!

  9. hehee… lol....a good sign....
    no gay, if there is no straight.....

    # But, now, gays can have babies too by in vitro fertilization....


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