Random Acts of Shifeness - The Dab Edition

  • Kyle has decided to give dance lessons to Hayden and right now he’s teaching her how to dab. What? You don’t know what dabbing is? Yep, me either. But here are some details about what it is and why people are doing it.
  • Besides being a part-time dance instructor, Kyle has also started to discover his own taste in music. He has spent a few nights listening to Usher before he calls it a day. One of his favorite songs is “Yeah” and it’s also one of the songs that I have heard from Usher. It would make sense for Kyle to get into rap music because it’s one of the few music genres that I don’t really listen to. Now he can drive me crazy like I did my dad when I started listening to heavy metal when I was a kid. For some reason, my dad thought it was a little strange that I was into bands that wore make-up and leather outfits. They look like righteous dudes, right?  

  • I don’t know why exactly but I am always amused when I get a text message from our babysitter and she refers to Ms. Frizzle as Mrs. Frizzle. I imagine in my head that Frizzy ran off and eloped but still kept her name.  

  • The geese near my office are getting a little crazy. I guess love is in the air and their hormones are making them act like whack jobs. This goose kept banging on the door and honking at me.
  • I showed him or her the picture below and he has left me alone.  
  • Yes, it's a picture of a chicken but I don't know the goose knows. Then again I am pretty sure the goose has no idea what I am doing. That makes two of us.
  • Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. Have a lovely weekend.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. The geese at the park stop traffic while they
    slowly meander over the road, one after the other.
    They have us all trained.

  2. I never understood that whole dabbing thing. I loved Alice Cooper, nothing strange about that :)

  3. Frankly, I wish I didn't know what dabbing was. I figure if I do it enough and make it lame enough for Colin, he'll stop.
    I love Twisted Sister, by the way. I was actually playing a few tracks off of Stay Hungry today.

  4. Dabbing? Nope!And to think I was once a dancer. Enjoyed this post, Matt, its good to have a laugh at weekends.

  5. Nothing wrong with Rap. :D

    I love Usher and have to confess to owning all his albums, not that he's a rapper of course.

    Also I have to admit to having to know all the latest dance trends. Well I am a dj, and it's my job to get people on the dance floor, whatever it takes.

  6. (Director) John waters wrote an article for Time or some magazine years back where he berated the oyunger generaiton for not offending their parents enough. I listen to new usic and I am usually disappointed that, at my age, I'm not wholly offended by what I'm hearing.

    The gap between me and kids right now is bigger than it was between, say, the days of Sinatra and the days of Lou Reed. Or the between Hank Williams and the Sex Pistols.

    I should be completely confused and offended by today's music.

    Oh well.

  7. I think a "dab" can fall under many different things..A bingo bottle is called a "dabber"
    Coffee is on

  8. I learn so much here! Hadn't heard of dabbing yet. Now I feel very smart.

    First the birds pooping, now the goose honking and banging on the door. I never knew hormones drove anyone but teenagers crazy. More stuff I learned here :)

    Have a good week, Mr. S!

  9. A mommy-friend of mine made those arm moves at me the other day & told me what it was called. I think not having kids has kept me a bit out-of-the-loop.


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