Random Acts of Shifeness - Dear Llama

  • Social Distortion is a punk rock band that I discovered in college and I still enjoy their music. I was playing one of their songs in the car and Hayden asked me if they were singing "Dear Llama." Mrs. Shife and I started laughing out loud. The song is called "Dear Lover" but if you put your 6-year-old ears on then you can definitely hear llama instead of lover. But the really funny part is that now I only "Dear Llama" whenever I hear the song. Here's a link to the video if you want to decide for yourself. Is it llama or lover? 
  • Mrs. Shfie had another funny moment with Hayden. She took Hayden's pen and paper away and told her to go to sleep because it was past her bedtime. Hayden then proceeded to sing to Mrs. Shife as she was leaving the room, "Baaackup. I totally have a baaackup pen." Mrs. Shife said she about died laughing. Hayden might have picked up the sassy gene. 

  • Kyle decided to make Mrs. Shife breakfast in bed today. He made her coffee, two pieces of toast, strawberries, and grapes. I asked him if he wanted some help carrying all of the stuff into the bedroom and he told me, "No, I got it. Mult-tasking is one of my skills." 
  • I am on this page somewhere, https://extendedstudies.boisestate.edu/extendedstudies-staff/. Give me a call sometime and we can communicate. 
  • I'm having a hard time getting into the Winter Olympics when we have been in the upper 60s the past few days. We still have a month of winter to go but it has felt like spring for the past few weeks. Trust me I'm not complaining after last year's winter. 
  • Well, have a great weekend, thank you for stopping by, and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. We have the same weather. We're thinking lawn mowing here!

  2. We're watching the opening ceremonies right now. I just found a pic from last year where we still had a lot of snow on the ground; I've really enjoyed this winter. Nice pic on the website. I had to chuckle when the directions stated "across from the Red Robin restaurant". I guess if people don't know where that is; they're screwed! Maybe you will get a phone call some day :)

  3. Oh, that's definitely Dear Llama, no question in my mind :) I wish Kyle would give lessons on multi-tasking as I surely need some.

    Great picture of you on the website - you fit right in. I also notice there seems to be a lot of effort to help students succeed, which is really good to see (all those coaches). Hope you feel settled in pretty quickly.

  4. The baaackup pen moment sounds pretty excellent.

    Social D for kids is sorta like that They Might Be Giants CD but not. I'll go for Dear Llama.

  5. Do you remember the song "Begging You" by Madcon, well my partner always thought they were singing Pegging Sue, so now every time I hear it, I think of that instead. Very irritating.

  6. Multi-tasking.... I need lessons, please tel Kyle. Our snow has finally cleared and now we have cold torrential rain, and I do mean TORRENTIAL.

  7. (a missed comment) Senior Communications Coordinator, how great is that? You look the part, Matt, well done.

  8. Sounds like you got some entertaining kids to keep things fun.

    I do to.

    "Story of my liiiiiiiiiiiiife!"

    I just put on some Social D., in case you couldn't tell.

  9. My kids are still on a Railbenders trip lately. Hearing the lyrics of songs like "Drinkin' Buddies" filtered through a three year old is priceless.


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