Random Acts of Shifeness - Kyle the Artist? Chef? Hairdresser?

  • Kyle has added art to his interests and doesn't hurt when you win a 1st and 2nd-place ribbon at school. This has to come from Mrs. Shife's side of the family because I have a hard time drawing a stick figure. Or you can just go to this old blog post to see my artistic talent.  I definitely don't know the definition of talent. But, as biased as I might be, Kyle does appear to have some. What do you think?

  • Kyle also still enjoys being in the kitchen. Here are the cupcakes he helped make for his school's Halloween party. 

  • What's that? One more item about Kyle. OK, if you insist. Well when he's not busy in the kitchen or creating his works of art, Kyle likes to help out Hayden with her hair. In the GIF below, he has Hayden sitting back in the chair with a towel over her face while he gets her hair wet and combs it for her. He's a good kid. And they have their moments but they really, really do love each other a lot. 

  • Any guesses on what Hayden might want for Christmas? 

  • We were thinking about a good Halloween costume for Ms. Frizzle and it dawned on me that she should be a school bus. I mean she's yellow and her name is Ms. Frizzle. And here's a link if you don't remember what the name Ms. Frizzle means. 

  • Well that's is all for this week, folks. Have a good one, thanks for stopping by, and talk soon.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. :-) Kyle is a busy fellow! Good luck with
    Hayden's two front teeth. Abby wants to be
    Super Villain for Halloween. Tar wants to be
    a gigolo...

  2. That is pretty good art. That's one of the joys of having the little ones so seeing what they can do with what we gave them. That's an interest you should encourage.

  3. That's a multi-talented kid. If I could be good at just one of those things (art, food decoraiotn, or hairstyles), I'd be doing great.

  4. What a multi talented kid! That's cool that he likes being in the kitchen creating things; I think that's important for boys.

  5. Gosh, Kyle is soooo talented. I love his work, and I love that he and Hayden get on so well. I'm a bit uncertain about Ms Frizzle's bus though. I'd never be able to take a ride.

  6. Your house always looks like the funnest.

    You got quite the artist there! I'm pretty sure Erik Noisewater will be smarter than me by the time he is 5 and I'll remain last place in intelligence in this house. He will get his mother's artistic side too, I'm thinking. I pray that he isn't as funny as me so that I at least am the funniest guy. On second thought, I hope he is better at everything than me. That's what I want. That's what we all want.

    : )

  7. i hope kyle and hayden have excellent halloweens and get premium quality candy.

  8. Looks like you have a budding artist on your hands.

  9. I find it very touching that Kyle will comb Hayden's hair for her. They really MUST be very close. You and Mrs. S have done an excellent job.

    And good job, Kyle, on those Halloween pictures! And Hayden, don't worry, those teeth will be in before you know it :)


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