Random Acts of Shifeness - F Bombs

  • I have heard the "F" word thousands and thousands of times. And I have probably said the "F" word thousands and thousands of times. None of the "F" bombs really stand out in memory, but that all changed when I heard my 8-year-old say it. He was playing a video game with his friend and something didn't go his way so he said ... well I'll let Ralphie tell you:

  • To make a short story even shorter, I had to write Ms. Frizzle in cursive. No problem, I thought. Wrong. I couldn't remember how to do a cursive Z. I had to look that up. "F' bombs were shouted with no regard for humanity.
  • Has everyone seen the video involving United and the removal of a passenger from an overbooked flight? If you haven't, more details are here.
    Definitely not the best way to show customer service.
    It made me think of who gives me the worst customer service.
    The current winner in the clubhouse is AT&T. I have had a billing dispute with them since March 19. The matter was supposed to be resolved within 7-10 business days.
    Guess what isn't resolved?
    I have called 5 times and received a different answer every time as to why it's taking this long. The last time they told me it's my fault because every time I call to check on the progress it resets the 7-10 business day timeline.
    I look forward to call #6 and the newest excuse.
    Maybe it will be they can't help me because I have publically admitted that I like the movie "Sorority Boys."
    I might have Kyle get on the phone and let him drop a couple of "F" bombs to get their attention. 
  • We need to end on something positive. The trailer for the next "Star Wars" dropped today. I dropped an "F" bomb punctuated with a "Yes" over my excitement.
    And it's also Friday. I guess we should celebrate.

That's all for the week. Thank you for stopping by and take care. 

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. The "F Bomb" is being used too much and it's losing its strength. I hate it when perfectly good swear words lose their strength. So sad.

  2. My daughter has never said the word, she hates it. I told her I would pay her to say it. I told her it's cathartic to say it sometimes. I am a bad Mother :)

  3. So far, my little guy has not said it directly. He has said that he has heard it on the playground a few times. He was definitely close when he was telling us about a song he heard called "Don't funk it up". I'm not naive enough to think that he won't ever say it, but I'm trying to hold off on that.

  4. The F word has definitely become more common the last twenty years or so. Time was that it was used by only the rudest and crudest. I still find it jolting, to be honest. But not as much as I did even ten years ago. Kids will pick up everything they hear and then some. And the United incident? They are getting roasted, and with good reason. Have a good week, Mr S and family!

  5. Everyone, except me, uses the F word. I hate it. Moving on, our television screens were full of the United incident. Apparently the man hauled off the plan was a doctor who had an urgent appointment with a patient. That's what the TV people reported.... I have since heard that it wasn't true. Whatever, the whole thing was appalling. Hope you and yours have a Happy Easter.

  6. f bombs for all! just explain to kyle that he has to pick his spots.

    my son never swears but his sister makes up for it and the lovely mrs myshkin is pleased ever so pleased that i passed this wonderful skill along to her only daughter ;)

  7. Yeah I saw the guy being dragged off the plane. Awful.

    I'm not a fan of the F word although I have used it, but the one I find really offensive, and have never used, is the C word.


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