Random Acts of Shifeness: A Day Late

  • I apologize for missing my usual Friday update but my marriage turned 11.
  • 11 years. Hard to believe, huh? I saw a quote the other day that reminded me of the day I met Mrs. Shife, "Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." And that is how it worked with us. It was the last thing we were looking for but stuff like that is out of your control sometimes. I try to thank my lucky stars every day for Mrs. Shife's love. Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.
  • And if you want to read about how I met Mrs. Shife well you can read all about it here
  • I just read that they were making an Angry Birds movie and then I saw the trailer, and it doesn't look that bad. Kyle and Hayden love Angry Birds so they were pretty excited when I showed them the trailer. The only downside is the movie doesn't come out until next May so we will be practicing patience. A lot. 
  • If you or someone you know is interested in my book, well today is your lucky day. And tomorrow too. It's available to download for free right here
  • Hayden has made up her mind and she is going to be a mermaid for Halloween. Kyle wants to be Elmo, and that is proving difficult because they don't really make Elmo costumes in his size so we are panicking a little bit trying to make this happen. 
  • I might have exaggerated a bit about us panicking because we aren't. I just wanted an excuse use the gif of Beaker in my blog.
  • What's that? You want me to share another gif. Sounds good to me. They can teach us such valuable lessons like make sure you lock that door. 

  • Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream. 


  1. Life is strange and sometimes wonderful. Especially when shared with the love of your life. May you and Mrs. Shife be as happy in twenty years as you are now. May you, in fact, be as happy as Mr. Moon and I are, thirty one years in.

  2. Happy Anniversary. Eleven years is a good start, but still a wonderful achievement these days. I'm so happy you two found each other. Take care.

  3. Congratulations on eleven years of happiness. These days I think you broke the record!
    Question: how will Hayden walk if she's a mermaid? I need to know these things... lol.

  4. Happy Anniversary! We just had our 31st, now that is unbelievable... I kind of miss the good old days of Halloween, walking around the neighborhood.

  5. thanks for good wishes. we all are glad when our niece brought
    you into the family :-) and the bonus of kyle and hayden

  6. I'm glad for your anniversary. It's truly amazing when you find the right person. Congrats on it.

  7. happy anniversary mr shife!

    enjoy the lover's moon tonight.


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