Feeling Not So Hot, Hot, Hot

Normally I piss excellence.
Not this week.
These past few days I am filling the pisser with acetaminophen, dextromethorphan HBr, phenylephrine HCl, FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C Yellow No. 6, gelatin, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, povidone, propylene glycol, purified water, sorbitol sorbitan solution, titanium dioxide.
That would be the ingredient list for DayQuil as I'm getting my pale, white ass handed to me by a cold.
It's funny because I did an image search for "getting my ass kicked by a cold" to find some inspiration for today's post and the first image is one from my blog back in 2005.

Lots of Stone Cold Steve Austin pictures too. Maybe he can help me with this cold.
Looking at all of the comments and I think I'm only still blogging with 1 or 2 people from back then.
Facebook has really depleted the blogging ranks.
Oh well I will be back to normal soon so please forgive me for these less-than-stellar post.
Have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Matt. You could spread your germs on Facebook, see if it improves things... grins. Can you tell I don't go a bundle on FB?

  2. Maybe Stone Cold is saying that beer is the answer? Hope you feel better.

  3. It's funny what you can come up with doing a word search. I'm not going to say that I haven't been sick in a long time because that's when I do get sick; so you didn't hear that from me. It's funny that you wrote 'have faith', because that happens to be my daughter's name :-)

  4. if i live to be 100, i'll never figure out how facebook got to be so popular.


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