A few weeks ago I wrote about how frustrated I was after a doctor's visit because I had to wait up to 3 weeks for results on some blood work to find out what was going on with my body.
I got the results back.
No auto immune deficiency.
No geographic tongue.
No mutant genes running rampant.
But there were some food allergies.
Coffee Beans.
Brewer's Yeast.
No biggie about the cranberries, mushrooms, or coffee because I don't eat cranberries, mushrooms or drink coffee.
However we do have a big problem with the brewer's yeast and barley.
One of my favorite things in the world is beer, and beer is made from water, brewer's yeast, barley, and awesome sauce.
I have a long and distinguished relationship with beer.
This blog would be pretty boring without that relationship because a lot of my funny stories involve doing stupid things under the influence of beer.
The doctor asked me to abstain from beer for 2 months to see if my tongue inflammation and irritation subsides.
Mr. Shife abides.
After a day of mourning I was okay with it and look forward to having a beer on April 24.
It should be a good day to have a cold one because that's also my birthday.
I told Mrs. Shife a keg might be in order.
How was your week?
Thanks for stopping by.

Kyle and Hayden did their best to try and cheer me up after I got the news.

I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. I had the same reaction as you reading over those lists of allergies. fine, fine, fine, WAIT! NO BEER!

    That would be kind of like a death sentence for me. Here's hoping that your first one goes down and doesn't enflame your tongue. Just your liver, like the good Lord intended.

  2. Sounds like an excellent second opinion from the good Dr. Ken. I have an all-pro liver and it needs to play. =)

  3. I don't drink beer, but I quite obviously still drink coffee. Actually, it's all I have left. I think I'd step into traffic if I had been told to give it up.
    Good luck with it, I know it won't be easy.

  4. Thanks Jon. I'm extremely hopeful after 2 months I can enjoy beer again because it's my only vice. I have given up pretty much everything that is bad for me except for the cold ones.

  5. It looks more like they're laughing at you :-) Really glad it's nothing more serious.

  6. I'm reduced to drinking water!!!
    Actually, it's not as bad as it sounds and it is quite refreshing.

    Well, I am pleased to hear you are not suffering from something more serious so I wish you good luck with the temporary abstinence.

    Loved the picture of the happy ones, Matt.

  7. Can you drink vodka?

  8. Man, no beer, no coffee?
    I'd be screwed! On the other hand, without beer I wouldn't need the coffee in the mornings as bad.

    I found out way back in my, short lived, college days that I was allergic to mushrooms, they make me trip.

    (I like the way Ms. Moon gets right to the heart of the problem.)

  9. coffee beans? i guess that means no coffee. can you use chocolate as an alternative caffeine delivery system?

    it might be harder becoming the stream without beer and coffee to prime your liquid processing system.

  10. Anonymous3/02/2014

    That is indeed very serious news. Can you drink some sort of pissy, diluted, pretend beer? I have no clue about intolerances.

    Or perhaps, your condition will improve if you cease having all that other stuff (no coffee would kill me...) and your system will make allowances for beer.

    Best to you, and hi.

    I'm Cat.

  11. I quit wheat and grains - which includes beer. No allergy, but I do believe I was sensitive to the stuff.

    Joint pain is going away. So maybe in the long run, it'll be a good thing for you. Maybe???

  12. Me too, kden. But I'm going to miss my beer.

  13. Thanks Val. I will do my best without my beer.

  14. Yes vodka is okay Ms. Moon as long it isn't distilled from barley.

  15. I know, texlahoma. It blows. I had the same reaction to mushrooms in college as well.

  16. The stream might dry up, BP.

  17. Thanks honeyinthesundotnet. I am hoping things improve after two months as well. Glad you stopped by.

  18. I've been gluten free for a while, Jay, and it really helped with my joint pain too. Just hope my body bounces back to enjoy beer again.


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