Today began with high expectations.
Which was my first mistake.
Should just approach life the Danish way: low expectations.
Didn't get the news I wanted when I saw the doctor today.
Was hoping they could help my condition that I've been trying to solve for the past 2 years.
Is it food allergies? Geographic tongue? Auto-immune deficiency? Or am I just a mutant?
Still don't know.
More blood work.
Results in 2-3 weeks.
And frustrated.
Not as frustrated as these folks in the infomercials commercial below.
But close.
Will return next week with a much more uplifting blog post.
I promise.
Have a good weekend.

 I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


silly rabbit said…
I hate days like that. Feeling for you Shife. Hope they figure it out soon. Big hugs.
Jon said…
Sorry to hear about that. Hoping it will go well for you.
Mr. Shife said…
Me too, silly rabbit. Appreciate your support.
Mr. Shife said…
Thanks Jon. It is much appreciated.
Valerie said…
Blood tests are the new vogue. I know how you feel, having transported Joe to hospital for goodness knows how many testings. But have faith, Matt, it's the only way medics know to find out what's wrong. Rootin' for ya, my friend.
billy pilgrim said…
sorry to hear about the health issues. those auto immune deals are incredibly difficult to pinpoint. you don't realize what a complicated system it is until it goes on the fritz. but, i understand you're an excellent perseverer.
kden said…
I didn't realize you were having some health issues Mr. Shife. It certainly is frustrating when things seems to be taking a long time and it's more of a 'ruling out' process. Holding good thoughts for a quick discovery. As for our snow, we only got 3 inches but are expecting little bits throughout the next week. But it sure beats the wind chill of 18 below we had!
texlahoma said…
2 -3 weeks seems like a ridiculously long time to leave somebody hanging.

Oh well, I'm sure when Obama-care kicks in it will only take 2 - 3 hours. ;)

Thanks for the video, I really liked the guy with back pain, I wish jagged red lines showed up like that in real life.
Mr. Shife said…
Thanks Val. Keeping the faith. And I feel bad for complaining about my medical issues when I know Joe is fighting much bigger battles.
Mr. Shife said…
Doing my best, BP. Being the always-positive person I am, I'm just afraid I'm going to have to do more tests in a few weeks because the tests I just did found nothing.
Mr. Shife said…
Thank you kden. Appreciate the good thoughts.
Mr. Shife said…
I thought 2-3 weeks was a little long too but I'm just a dumb, white guy. Obamacare. I know it has helped some folks but my health care certainly isn't more affordable, texlahoma.
I didn't know about your health condition over the past two years. Hope they figure it out and you get some relief, good buddy.
Mr. Shife said…
Me too, Dr. Ken. It's nothing compared to what a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. I'm just frustrated at not being any closer to answers after 2 years. Had to vent that day.
Lisa said…
The problem with the medical-go-round is that once it starts, it never stops. Feeling your frustration.
Mr. Shife said…
Hi Lisa. That is what I'm afraid of because there's already talk of me going to see a specialist after the results come back.
Mr. Shife said…
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