Sweet Sappy Molassey

Most of you will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day today but around here we are enjoying Mrs. Shife's birthday. Besides giving me the greatest gift ever, my son, she is also the love of my life and my best friend. I hope you enjoy your special day wife of mine, and sorry blogging friends but here comes the sugary sweetness.

Having you to love is plenty enough to celebrate,
but now that it is your birthday there is all the more reason.
I could wish you all kinds of happy things,
and you deserve them all, but since you are so special,
I want to wish you all the happiness you have given me.

You are a warm, beautiful, and caring person,
who has made such a difference in my life.
No matter where we go or what we do,
you are the one who I want to spend that time with.
That is why I hope your birthday celebration is especially wonderful for you
because even though it only happens once a year it's a nice reminder to let you know that someone like you only happens once in a lifetime.

We have come a long way, sugar britches. I love you so much!!


Valerie said…
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Valerie said…
I feel very moved and privileged to share this tribute to your lovely wife. Happy birthday, Mrs Shife.
This is beautiful! I love that you wrote this.
Ms. Moon said…
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Shife! Now y'all go celebrate in a big, lovin' way.
billy pilgrim said…
happy st paddy's day!

have a guinness for me and crank up the volume on the pouges!
Jay Noel said…
I hope the Missus has a great one!
Phats said…
Happy Birthday to your better half! :)

I would never call you a bandwagoner and happy March Madness! Good luck to the Heels
Jon said…
It takes a smart man to realize how lucky he is to have the right woman.
texlahoma said…
That's nice, maybe she'll keep you!
Megan said…
Aw. Happy birthday, girl!
TOPolk said…
Thumbs up for this post. Happy Birthday Mrs. Shifey.

Thumbs down for that UNC hat.
Limon Partido said…
Dang it!!! I go away for a while and you write poetry to your wife! Happy belated Mrs. Shife!!!!
khan said…
aw mayn