Rookie Dad Journal Highlights (October)

October 1 – Getting ready to take the Mania back to the Midwest for the first time. He gets to see the Cardinals play and some more relatives will meet the little wildcat.

October 2 – Off to STL. Baby Shife slept through most of the Cardinal game but we had fun and he was a big hit with all of the people around us.

October 5 – We have to spend some time driving around in the car to help Baby Shife fall asleep. I think it is mostly due to all of the excitement and over-stimulation because we never had to do this at home.

October 6 – Heading back home to Boise. A long trip as we have to drive 3 hours to STL then spend another 7 in the air, but the little man did a great job.

October 8 – Baby Shife got scheduled for his 6-month-old checkup and portraits. He also might be done eating apple sauce. For some reason it makes him really gassy and fussy which does not equal a great night for the parents.

October 9 – We had to get the wildcat some new clothes because it is getting colder out there and he does not have a lot of long sleeved onesies.

October 10 – We had to ditch some of the “organic” baby food because Baby Shife had another rough night with a tight belly. We are not sure if it is the food but the Gerber’s organic seems to agree better with his little tummy.

October 12 – Baby Shife is sitting up all by himself, and he is starting to pull himself up as well. We had to raise the crib rail up because it was too low and he looked like he was ready to crank out some pull ups. He is also grabbing stuff off of the TV stand so childproofing the house might be in order real soon.

October 13 – He has been fascinated with my remote controls so I gave him an old one and he seems to like it OK. I might break out an old cell phone and let him play with that as well.

October 14 – 6-month check up and vaccinations. He checked out OK, got all his shots, and seems to be heading in the right direction. He weighed just over 15 pounds and is 25.5 inches long.

October 16 – Taking him back to the mall to find some brown pants that fit him better and a few toys might jump in the cart.

October 17 – Baby Shife got to go to the end-of-season softball party and he tried his darnedest to get himself a beer but Mrs. Shife said no way. He did swig down some water.

October 18 – Baby Shife is definitely testing my gag reflex with some of the deposits I am finding in his diapers. With the switch to solid foods he has definitely taken it up a notch in regards to the stank factor.

October 19 – Baby Shife hasn’t made a deposit in his mud butt holder for two days so I think we are going to get a tsunami of baby poop heading our way real soon.

October 20 – He has been barely crawling the last few days but now he is buzzing around the living room like someone is chasing him with a cattle prod. My life will never be the same.

October 22 – The Wii had to put away because someone discovered it and wanted to put all the cords into his mouth. I am afraid he is going to discover the DVDs next. He has already tried to reprogram the DVR several times. I fully expect to have a couple of adult films charged to our account by the way he was pushing buttons that thing.

October 23 – Toy shopping again. Someone needs blocks to help with their hand/eye coordination.

October 24 – We are turning the TV room into a play room for Baby Shife so we have to some work to do next week after we get back from Moscow.

October 25 – Took Baby Shife to a Halloween Maize and a Pumpkin Patch. It was fine and dandy but the rookie parents forgot to bring the stroller so we had to use a wagon that was for hauling the pumpkins and had about 40 pound of mud caked on the tires. Good times. Another lesson learned.

October 27 – Baby Shife continues to stalk the fat basset, and the fat basset is running out of places to hide.

October 28 – Baby Shife got dressed up as a little monkey to go along with Mrs. Shife’s Wicked Witch outfit for her Halloween office party.

October 29 – It is just amazing watching the little man play with things and try to figure out how they work. And it is the little things that keep him occupied like measuring cups, plastic bowls, and floor vents.

October 30 – Off to the Palouse for the weekend to visit Grandma and the rest of the crew.

October 31 – Baby Shife’s first Halloween and second Vandal football game. Not a bad way to turn 7-months-old if I must say so myself.

And here are some photos of the fat basset stalker:


  1. Next best thing to seeing him in person. Thanks for sharing this... brings back tons of great memories. And it's nice to be included in Baby Shife's life. Oh yeah... in yours too, Shife!

    Stalking photos... precious! Love the look on Q's face in the first one. Watch out for the poop tsunamis!

  2. I am glad to share him Ananda girl. He is a precious little guy and more than happy to let him meet my awesome blogging friends. And Quincy is definitely not happy that Baby Shife stalks him. These two are going to have some issues.

  3. The Baby Shife/Fat Bassett duo is a highlight of the blogosphere!

  4. Thanks Leah. Too bad I can't leave them alone together anymore. The fat basset is not happy that he has a mobile baby chasing him down every day. Quincy just wants to dream about hunting rabbits but Baby Shife has other ideas. It will be interesting to see how they get along as they both get older.

  5. Anonymous11/10/2009

    OMG! I love the look on the Fat Bassett's face in the first photo, "Oh, is that the little person over there, again?"

  6. "Nowhere to run to, basset, nowhere to hide!"

  7. Fat Basset can perch but he can't hide. You're gonna run out of toy space if you keep caving to the imagined whims of BehBeh Shife. ;-D

  8. I know Random Chick. If the fat basset was wearing pants I think he might have dropped some fruit in his looms.

    Megan - Captain Furry Pant's only place left to hide is outside through his doggie door but Baby Shife has discovered this recently.

    Red - It is hard not to spoil him with toys but I have been getting better lately. I think I have gone at least 2 weeks without buying him a toy. Now clothes are a different story ...

  9. they say the guy with the most toys wins.

    baby shife is definately a winner!

  10. Since the food is organic, you would think it would cause less stink!!

  11. the highlights and poor fat bassett he does not even know that baby shife will be ruling roost soon enough!

  12. Awwww. Fat Basset and Baby Shife! They need a sitcom.

  13. Oct 17 You can't blame a guy for trying.

    Oct 27 Jaws music.

  14. I totally cracked up after reading Oct 20. I can just imagine him crawling around like a maniac now! He's just cute as hell. Great pics and great to see you on facebook!

  15. Baby Shife is such a doll! I feel for the fat basset b/c my son terrorized the beagle mix and the mutt during those months.

    Ah the memories!!

  16. The way you itemised everything was great. Giggled at the reprogramming of the DVR and Quincey's expression. Baby Shife is discovering the world, and loving it.

  17. He's standing up! Wow, he's a cutie.

  18. Child proofing is a pain. A PAIN.

    I love his expression in the first picture. Too cute.

  19. Just catching up after 4 days on the road... looks like Lil' Shife and the fat basset are well on their way to being good pals.

  20. Children and dogs go together like ... um ... ham and cheese. With mustard. Or something. Either way, good times!

  21. I haven't started my version of the journal, but oh, are there stories so far.

  22. Oh he makes my ovaries ache! I want one!!


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