The Name Game

I heading back to Moscow this weekend to watch another University of Idaho football game so this post will be short since I am leaving tomorrow. Are you ready?
  1. If I was a stripper I think my stage name would be Epiphany.
  2. I would kill my parents if they named me Cliff and my last name was Hanger.
  3. Since there are no gay people in Iran it doesn't matter, but I would name a bar there that catered to the homesexual population "Gayatollahs."
  4. If I had a pseudonym it would be Bob Galliono.
  5. My safe word is cinnamon, but it also makes an excellent stripper name.
  6. Porn girl name -Nita S. Pankin
  7. Porn boy name - Oliver Klozof
  8. Best college football player name. You have to click the link because you would not believe me even if I told you.
  9. The best name for my office is the Black Hole of Suck or Circling the Drain.
  10. And for my last entry I think I will just go with a good name for a basset hound - Quincy.

Have a good weekend.


Phats said…
Give em hell this weekend Shife, hopefully you'll be able to keep up with Colt and the high powered offense the Bows have.

What a funny name loved it!
The Duck said…
Wow, poor Mr. Pusey. Circling the drain huh? Glad to hear things are going so well there... Good luck to Idaho this weekend!
angel, jr. said…
Quincy is a good name!! My siblings almost named my nephew Quincy...
The Phoenix said…
Holy crap. Lucious Pusey???

His mom Nita S. Pankin.

Best name in football:

Dick Butkus
the rube said…
epiphany's inspirational.

the next mrs myshkin will now be named epiphany.
cher said…
cinnamon? wow, i thought for sure it would have been nutmeg, my spice of choice.

have a great weekend Mr.Shife!
tiggysmum70 said…
Well, from what I heard about those in the middle east..... there's a lot we really don't know. Men like men and keep women for reprodution only..... it's pretty scary.

Travis Erwin said…
I bet that linebacker is one mean dude.
Design Goddess said…
Think I'd rather have the Pro-Football name of Ben Gay!
Weighing in at 5'9" and 208 lbs, that's one, big, luscious pussy.
Tena said…
Well, of course I had to click... Holey moley. He's a big fella so I guess he can be called whatever he likes.
swedishnurse said…
Went to the RCPM concert on Thursday by myself, but it was totally worth it. They are such a great band to see live!!
tina said…
haha I heard or saw that link before bout Lucious - funny chit

I saw Henry Rollins this weekend. You would like him. Funny, one of his stories was about Iran.

Have a great time :)
The Egg said…
Wow that's a name alright! And cinnamon is a great spice:)
Travis Erwin said…
I tagged you in my post today. If you are so inclined it is now your tunr to offer some "advice" to other bloggers.
Lester R. Klozof said…
For several years I've been using the name: "Lester Oliver Klozof" online. Sometimes "Lester R. Klozof". I googled "klozof" and was surprised to find this article/blog.