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True entertainment news is hard to find, sometimes you think you have true entertainment news and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded like a goddamn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend ... .

And thanks to that memorable quote from “Old School” that I tweaked just a little, I proudly present my views on some items that would be categorized under entertainment.

  • Some of you as long time readers of my blog might recall my love for “Arrested Development.” When the show was canceled I was crestfallen. But this year the comedic hole in my heart has been replaced by “30 Rock.” This show is funny, and you need to watch it. Visit this page for some of the great dialogue on this program. It is on Thursday nights on NBC, and it is your duty as an awesome human being to watch.
  • “300” is at theaters this weekend. Holy ball sweat does this movie look cool or what!!! Really pumped to see this cinematic extravaganza. It is playing at the IMAX here in town, and that is where I am going to be for a few hours this weekend. If you want some background on this movie, it is based on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.
  • I watched “Fast Food Nation” last night. Kinda scary. If you see this movie and “Super Size Me” and still want to eat at a fast food place then you have got a strong constitution. Basically FFN examines the health risks involved in the fast food industry and its environmental and social consequences as well. The last few minutes of the film really did me in. They actually show the process of a cow getting slaughtered.
  • “Heroes” has got to be one of the best shows on TV. Monday’s episode was superb, and now we have to wait six weeks until we get more answers. Heavy sigh.
  • I remember when I had those same feelings for “Lost.” I have talked to several folks who thought last week’s episode was a snooze and had enough of the series. I am not there yet but I just feel like I end up with a case of blue balls after each episode. The show gets you all excited like you are going to get something, and then it just cuts you off until next time.
  • It is hard to judge “24” because there are so many hours left in the day, but I just wish the plot did not seem so recycled. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy the show, but sometimes it feels like we have been there and done that. But this show loves to surprise so that is why I don’t want to be so harsh until I have seen the entire day played out.
  • And finally I like to pass along some advice I picked up from “30 Rock”: Live every week like it is Shark Week.


  1. right on with arrested development.

    i still pine for gob, buster and lucille. buster and lucille should have got married and starred in their own show.

    i'll have to give 30rock a peek.

  2. Hmm how is it I am probably the most addicted to tv blogger out there and I don't watch any of these! UGH! Sorry. I hear 30 rock is good too, and Alec won the golden globe that has to mean something right?

  3. WELL I really enjoyred last week's episode of Lost. Can't wait till tonight. AND I still think you need to check out The Black Donnelly's on Mondays @ 10pm.

  4. I have officially given up on Lost until I hear from very reputable sources that they've gotten their shit together and decided to wrap up storylines. I'm fine over here in the corner with my Heroes show, thank you very kindly.

    I watched one episode of 30 Rock. I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. I really enjoy Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, but there seemed to be something missing there.

  5. I actually gave up some "Greys" on Thursday nights for the "Scrubs" and "30 Rock".

  6. I'm still waiting for the episode of 24 where Jack takes a pee.

  7. Anonymous3/07/2007

    I saw a preview of 300 in the theater few months ago - looked friggin awesome and to see that in IMAX is prob a treat! lemme know

    Ya, I will prob have diff feelings about fast food if I see those movies. As it is, I order Italian food in lately (past 4 months lol) instead of getting pizza or burgers. Not sure if that is any better, I may become a hefty pasta-eatin muthafugger :P

    Did you say Shark Week??! :D

  8. RYC--Deal on the Black Donnelly's. I'm going to hold you to that.

  9. Oh yea!! 300!! Sadly, I think we have to wait a week to go see it, because we're going to go with friends who don't get paid until next week.

    Arrested Development, loved that show. Heroes is freaking awesome!

  10. I can't wait for 300!!!!

  11. Ok here is my opinion in all its inane glory-

    I am gonna have a BIG stiffy until I get to see this...Just watching the TRAINING these actors had to endure to get ready for the roles impresses me. I love ALL things done like comic books!

    "Fast Food Nation"-Uhhhhhh DUHHHH! They have been telling us ALL that fast food IS the root of all evil. As a man whos cholesterol is 350, and his Triglcerrides of 650, I can attest that high fat food will be the death of us all.

    Heroes and 24 My High Def 50" DLP and DVR LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE these shows, as do I. Shife, is it me, or is the BEST things in entertainment come from network mini-series and HBO/SHOWTIME Minis?

    Let me list a few:

    Deadwood If you can ignore the numerous f-Bombs...And I hate westerns, but LOVE this show!

    Sopranos Yeah they were resting on their laurels a little bit, but ya still gotta love them jersey Mooks!

    If If this scenario doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. The aftermath of American society as seen by the inhabitants of a small town after a communist nuclear attack.
    God my DVR LOVES Shatner and Spader. Fun Brash and bold, this show is for the thinking individual, but ofttimes has plenty of toilet humor while CONSISTENTLY pushing the boundaries of propriety. Political correct its NOT, and THANK GOD for that!

  12. Goddamn links take me so long, I made this into a link and copied it to my blog. THATS getting MILEAGE outta posts Shife!

    I am NUTTIN if not FRUGAL!!!

  13. Heroes is a lot of fun. I would shit hot knives to sleep with the cheerleader.

  14. I'm here cause of ruby...but we also seem to like the same tv shows..I like heroes a lot...I used to love 24, but it's the same old bad guy/good guy, dead guys, dead gals, jack kicks the crap out of the bad guys...more dead guys, jack gets the crap beat out of him...then he kills all the bad guys and the day is over...dang..wears my ass out..

    I love 30rock...great show..the only baldwin that can act..I never watched arrested was up against something else that I wantched and I would rather fight than switch... do you feel about Boston Legal...?
    oh..after the last 2 lost's shows..I just sat there and stared at the tv and said..?what the fuck?

  15. oh..congrats on the award from Ruby...

  16. thanks for the tip on 30rock. i caught it last night and it was excellent.

    does it always have drunken fighting irishmen? or did i just get lucky?

  17. OH CRAP!!!


    MY FAVE show:

    Battlestar Galactica! (The NEW one of course)

  18. I've decided to move lost to the "I'll watch the entire seasons DVD when it comes out" category. I'm so tired of watching an episode and nothing happens, or just enough happens to whet your appetite.

    Heros I'm addicted to. I'll watch every episode and the repeats and then buy the season on DVD.

    Jericho is another addiction but I have a feeling it won't be back next season.

    BSG. Just like Heros. Watch the new ones, watch the repeats and buy the series.

  19. "Heroes" is the best show on TV right now. It still has the cliffhangers to keep you watching, but also provides answers to questions - it walks that delicate balance that "Lost" has...well...lost.

  20. I still miss AD. I have to get it on DVD that's for sure. 30Rock hasn't done much for me though. I tried to watch the pilot and turned the channel half way through.

    I'm with you on Lost. I want to know more, but it seems like it's "lost" it's edge....maybe it's stranded on an island somewhere?!?!

    Heroes is terrific! I, too, am sad that it won't be back until April.

    Have a great weekend Shife! :)

  21. Shife we NEED your help tomorrow. The Heels HAVE to win. Purdue is teetering on that bubble and a win by NC State might pop, so your tar heels better not let me and my Boilers down!

  22. I saw Fast Food Nation at the cinema. Seriosuly, that film, taking up my entire field of vision...on the drive home I felt like torching every Burger King I passed. The cow slaughtering was interesting: probably why I don't like my food to look like ANYTHING resembling the animal it came from.


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