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Ah, procrastination – my trusty companion.
How do we describe thee?
I consulted my wise sage, Google, who eloquently defined it as the art of doing everything except what we're actually supposed to be doing.
It's like snuggling up in a warm, cozy blanket of denial until reality sneaks up and smacks your face, leaving you scrambling like a headless chicken to finish your task at the last minute.
Good times.

So, let me paint a picture: it's the night before a major work deadline, and I'm in full-blown panic mode.
I've had weeks to tackle the project, but, I've wasted my time binge-watching Instagram reels or contemplating life's greatest mysteries, like whether anyone can actually lick their own elbow.
Go ahead, try it. I'll wait.

Now, here I am, attempting to juggle work while concocting a culinary masterpiece from fridge leftovers. I need gourmet fuel to inspire my procrastination-fueled productivity.
Spoiler alert: it's a disaster.
My cooking skills are as impressive as a goldfish attempting brain surgery, and my writing is as coherent as a platypus trying to solve a Rubik's cube.

As I type away, I realize my laptop battery is wheezing its last breath, and the charger has vanished. 
Cue the dramatic music and frantic search, complete with expletives that would make a sailor blush.
After tearing through the house like a yellow lab trying to find a tennis ball, I finally unearth the charger buried beneath a mountain of laundry.

With the charger plugged in and my determination reignited, I dive back into the fray. 
And you know what?
Despite the chaos and calamity, I somehow managed to emerge victorious. 
As the clock strikes midnight, I'm relieved and exhausted, and swear on the fattest of the bassets that I will never procrastinate again. 
Until, of course, the next deadline looms on the horizon and then I will probably start wondering about other unsolved mysteries like what else can't I do with my elbow.  

Meme dump

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream. 


  1. That tupperware meme is too damn accurate and too close to home!

  2. Phew! That was close. You must love livin' on the edge, man.

  3. Sometimes, procrastination pays off. Sometimes, it bites us in the butt. The internet sure does provide us an alternative from getting things done.

    1. The Internet does suck up some time.

  4. If I have something that needs to be done, I need to finish it before I can concentrate on anything else. lol

  5. Anonymous4/11/2024

    "Ah, procrastination – my trusty companion."
    That reminds me, I need to start thinking about taxes.

  6. I've been known to procrastinate, but it sounds like you do it better than I do. Congratulations for pulling it off this time. Accurate group of memes.

  7. I can procrastinate with the best of them, but only up to a certain point. Then the fear of what will happen if I don't get the thing done kicks me into gear.

    And I don't mind so much stepping in something wet with socks on as much as stepping on some hard crumb in the kitchen

  8. I am such a procrastinator; there have been times, few times, when I have been ahead of the game and it feels so great not to be panicking at the deadline, but do I remember that and try to be better?
    Glad you got yours done and, until the next time ... cozy up in that blanket!

    1. Blanket time is always the better option.

  9. Delete my browser history!

  10. You paint a very funny word picture here. I am glad your project got done and that you've given up procrastination. At least until the next time that you have something to do that you don't want to do. I think I have gotten over the worst of my procrastination. It may or may not have had something to do with retirement.

  11. I procrastinate at times and when I finally do the task, it doesn't even take that long! Ugh.

    1. We make it to be so much worse than it actually is.

  12. I can procrastinate with the best of them, but I'm beginning to realise I probably should sweep the floor more than once a year. Why is your charger not stored right next to your laptop?

    1. Because that would make too much sense, River.

  13. I cannot procrastinate.
    I can't. I'm too anal to let things just marinate and then panic cause I have not completed them. It's a struggle when you work in teams.
    I cackled with the wet sock meme.


  14. I'm unable to procrastinate but date a guy who specializes in it. :)


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