Thought of the day

I have had a few observations since we last talked:

  • I like watching college basketball but this season I am watching way more games that are played by the women. You can call this the Caitlin Clark effect. She's pretty awesome by the way. 
  • It is not easy being a Buffalo Bills fan. 
  • Every day around 10 pm I am shocked to learn it's only 6:24 pm. For the love of fat bassets, I need some sunshine to recharge my solar batteries. 
  • Have you watched "Saltburn"? I can't say too much because it will spoil things but if you are easily grossed-out or offended then I would pass because this movie does that more than a few times. Twisted, cringy, and weird. A lot of folks are pretty divided on it but it just left me not wanting to take a bath any time soon. It's available to stream for free if you have Amazon Prime. 
  • I remember when snap, crackle and pop were the noises my cereal made and not my body when I get up in the morning. 

Meme dump

Thank you for swinging by and saying hello.
Talk to you soon.

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream.


  1. Yes, I'll take one of everything. No, throw in an extra DIY tattoo kit, please.

  2. Yes, I checked out "Saltburn" but quickly backed off. NOT my cup of tea at all. Good memes, as always -- my faves are the squirrel and 7 thumbs.

  3. I would like to see "American Fiction" and "The Holdovers" but they aren't streaming or on anything I have. I could watch "Society of the Snow" but I don't think I could handle it. I can also stream "Maestro" which should interest me, but doesn't. Saltburn? Hmmm. I'll check it out. I need to find new sports to watch; college football has lost its allure for me with the portal and the ridiculousness of it. Perhaps I also should look for a new pro football team?

  4. "Every day around 10 pm I am shocked to learn it's only 6:24 pm. "
    It's real!!!

  5. Guess who has seven thumbs...my gosh. I am a little embarrassed at how long it took me to get that one.

  6. I love the way the cat touches the screen at just the right moment :)
    I'll avoid Saltburn. Good funnies.

  7. I enjoyed Saltburn!
    Loved the art direction and cinematography. It's Patricia Highsmith with a touch of the 'aughts. I watched it with four more people and their reactions were as entertaining as the movie.
    And I never 'donate' anything to any corporation. Nope.
    Have you seen that now when you're doing self-checkout they ask you if you wanna do a 'tip'???? Brazen.


  8. A good set of giggles from start to finish.

  9. I guess I'm about as local as most gets to Caitlin Clark. I've not met her personally but I'm told she can be a bit of a prima donna. In case you didn't see her latest "it's all about me" moment where she had to be helped limping off the court.


  10. Hello!!! No thanks to Saltburn. I do get so annoyed by the donation at the register crap. Because then the corporation can say they raised X amount of money and not bother to mention that it was their customers who donated it.

  11. I've seen people's reactions to Saltburn enough to know not to watch it. LOL
    I am not a sports fan so I haven't watched in sports at all.

  12. The squirrel meme - lol!

  13. Love the cat meme. So well done, is it AI?

  14. Heard a lot of chatter about Saltburn, so I have avoided it. I'm still missing my Loudermilk characters. That show stuck with me. I loved the curmudgeon and all the crazy weird cast of characters.
    Great Memes as always!

  15. Ouch....but shame on me I laughed when I saw the wreck. I don't watch basketball, but was pleased to see The Lady Buckeyes win Again. Haven't heard of Saltburn, but am going to look it up. The struggle bus...put a smile on my face.

  16. Hey, it's nI'm curious but not quite ready to watch Saltburn!

  17. Some nights I ask my husband what time it is when we're watching t.v. and when it's only maybe 8:30ish I have to wrestle with the decision of going to bed, then being wide awake at 2 am or just drift off a few mins. here and there and miss parts of the show. lol There is sunshine today, yay!
    I didn't miss any of Saltburn though. I liked it, but Ron didn't.


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