Thought of the day

Happy New Year!! 
I hope you enjoyed the holidays. 
We are doing well at Casa de Shifley and looking forward to a fantastic 2024.

I go to the gym a lot.
I also know when January rolls around there are going to be lots of fresh faces at the gym. 
I am glad to see the new folks in there trying to work out and I hope they stick with it. 
But I am also seeing a lot of these new people working out in their jeans. 
Working out in some tight butt-clenching Wranglers just sounds awful to me. 
They aren't flexible or breathable.
I imagine a lot of sweat building up south of the border leading to itchy and moist conditions, which then leads to the dreaded swamp butt or a private parts grime accumulation jamboree.
No thanks. 
Unless you are sporting your fancy Chuck Norris action jeans then it doesn't make sense to me.
What do you think? 

Meme dump

Thanks for stopping by. 
Talk to you soon. 

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream.


  1. Keep on keeping on. Happy post holiday to you and yours.

  2. That's why I don't go to the gym. Too many fashion decisions.

  3. You used to call him Baby Schife. How did he get so tall?

    1. I am not sure, Joanne, but I am very happy for him.

  4. Happy New Year. We just saw a couple of people at the gym in jeans too. I think that would be most uncomfortable as well as the other obvious things you stated that we too mentioned to one another. :-)

  5. I agree that it seems VERY uncomfortable to exercise in street clothes. I wonder if those are the people who are the most likely to be gone by February?

  6. The group project meme--oh, YES! What a lovely photo of the kids; was that on NYE? I can't imagine wearing jeans to exercise. I rarely wear anything other than leggings these days.

  7. Working out in jeans??? That's a steamy wet South Florida in your pants if you ask me.

  8. Ha Ha, how to burn a thousand calories in just a few minutes. I agree jeans, tight or otherwise are NOT workout suitable.

  9. Happy New Year! Yes, working out in jeans is not a good idea at all. Had a good LOL at Hallmark's second movie plot!

  10. I'm glad you're all doing well and hope 2024 is a happy, healthy year!
    I don't go to a gym, but, if I were going to even I'd know to not wear jeans. LOL
    Funny memes! A friend of mine loves all the Hallmark movies. We watch a fair amount of t.v. but still just can't get into those.

  11. I don't think you'll see those folks in jeans too many more times (if again at all). My favorite meme is the one about Caesar.

  12. No jeans at the PF I go to, in fact, sometimes there's just a little too much flippy floppy, if you get my drift.

  13. I laughed at the Hallmark meme :D I don't go to the gym but I see the YouTube short videos about questionable attire and it would seem that jeans are not the only problem ... but they're definitely a no no for all the reasons you gave. Great snapshot of your kids - they are a credit to you and Mrs. Shife.

  14. Kyle is getting so big! My husband has made fun of my workout wear (we have a home gym) like wearing a sweater, but if I’m doing things like balance exercises where I know I won’t sweat, I want to be warm in our basement! But yeah, jeans is a weird choice.

  15. Yay! The kids look happy and healthy.
    Denim workouts are no bueno. I see people jog here wearing their everyday clothes--jeans, long sleeve shirt--and find it perplexing.
    Happy 2024 to you and yours!

  16. What a sweet picture; and such relatable memes!

  17. Happy 2024, Mr. Shife!
    And working out in jeans is peak fuckery. Really.
    And love the pic! Kids. They grow by the hour, don't they??


    P.S. that's me asking for a representative, EVERY TIME! LOL

  18. Inside the gym is necessary to employ adequated sportive clothes. This is the best. People without experience can dress different.

  19. Inside the gym is necessary to employ adequated sportive clothes. This is the best. People without experience can dress different.

  20. Yeah I don't get the working out in jeans either. I also don't get wearing work out clothes for a day to day when you've not been to a gym. Then again I don't get wearing jammies in public either. And while we're talking about clothes, when you go to a nice restaurant if the wait staff is better dress than you....you didn't dress appropriately. I really really hate going out for a nice evening and seeing dressed like I dress when working in the yard. A nice restaurant is a nice evening out, it's dining, it's not a feed. If a feed is all you're interested in, go drive through a fast food. Happy New Year!!

  21. Happy New Year! It use to drive me crazy when I used to go to the gym and all these wannabes would fill up all the machines for the first month of the year! Happy New Year to you and your family!


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