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Proud poppa moment.
Kyle's cross-country team had their awards banquet last night and he earned a varsity letter as a freshman. 
He started practicing in June so, if I had to guess, I think that he has run about 15,000 miles.
Kyle has improved a lot over the season and I'm excited to watch him over the next few years.
He ran 24:53.4 in his first race and set a PR of 21:07.7 at a recent meet. 
He has his last race this weekend, and then he is going to take a little break before he starts his off-season training in January.
Congrats on a great first season, Kyle.

Meme dump

Happy Wednesday! 
Hope you are doing good and thanks for stopping by!

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream. 


  1. I have a t-shirt with a similar sentiment to that last one. and I've imagined excited conversations between the herbs I buy each spring regarding their new home. Little do they know. ☠️ Well done, Kyle!!

  2. Woo Hoo Kyle!!!!

  3. I love the McDonald's straw meme.

    I also love how proud you are of your kids.

  4. Congratulations, Kyle. And thanks for the earth's rotation to make our days :)

  5. A varsity letter freshman year is an accomplishment! Go Kyle!

    That’s a mean brother; I can’t tell the difference. Doritos for me always equaled bad breath and mouth sores.

  6. He earned a varsity letter as a freshman??! That is amazing. Congratulations to him. The house plant meme resonated with me...unfortunately.

  7. Congratulations Kyle. Freshman varsity letter is a big deal.

  8. Cross country runners are a unique breed. Well done, Kyle.

  9. Congratulations to Kyle - excellent! He deserves that break now. Please don't get him a cone filled with refried beans, though :) love the memes, esp the plants. That hits hard. lol

  10. Yay Kyle!
    I'm always in awe of people who can do sports. I don't have the coordination nor the body for sports.
    And I cackled with the refried beans ice cream! Oh, that's DEVIOUS.


  11. Way to go Kyle, that's very cool! My fave was the gold wiener hat :)

  12. Lettering as a freshmen, good job. He can check that off his list.

  13. Yeah Kyle that is so darn good!! Varsity letter in freshman year is quite the accomplishment. You should both be proud. The ice cream is something my husband would do to a sibling.

  14. Congrats to Kyle, even though running is just putting one foot in front of the other, it's far more difficult than many can even understand.

  15. I'm going to have to study up with geography because I would have guessed cross country season to be long over in Idaho. I know our state meet was three weeks ago. My daughter's last cross country race was over a month ago!

    1. Hey Ed! He finished up all of the sanctioned high school cross country races around mid-October. This was an invitational put on Nike that allowed him train for a few more weeks. The kid loves to run.

  16. Congrats to Kyle, he should feel great about his accomplishment. And you're allowed to be a proud Papa. Cute memes. I like the earth rotating the best.
    Sandy's Space

  17. Way to go, Kyle!

  18. Congratulations to your son!


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