Howdy August Part 3

Well, it only took 9 days for me to update this time.
I am making progress, right? 
Things are absolutely bonkers right now.
Today is Saturday and this is what is going on in our neighborhood. 
We live in a part of town called The Bench.

There's a tournament going on at the golf course one street over and they are having concerts at night. Thursday was Sheryl Crow, yesterday was Joan Jett and today is Weezer.
Probably about 15,000 people per day for this event.
There's an airshow going on at the airport and they were expecting almost 150,000 people to visit. 
Then an accident shut down the interstate for several hours so they had to route all of that traffic through the part of town where they are having the golf tournament and air show, which is why there are lot of red lines on the map. 

I have never related more to a meme in my life.
But I am making the best of it. 
This all happened before Kyle's cross-country meet so we got to watch the big guy run in his first high school meet before the unscheduled traffic dump descended upon us. 

I haven't had ice cream in 4 days and I am still alive to talk about it.
I am blogging and getting some work done around the house. 
We are taking the kids to the Weezer concert tonight.
Kyle got invited to a pool party after his cross-country meet.
Hayden got invited to go to the fair with one of her friends tomorrow. 
Kyle and I are going to celebrate National Movie Day tomorrow with $4 tickets. 
Hayden heard from her new softball team and starts practicing next week.
We have two of the best doggos in the world.

And my dad is coming for a visit visit. 
Yes, everything is fine.
I just needed to vent about the "when it rains, it pours" scenario around our neighborhood. 
Take care and I hope all is well in your corner of the world. 

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream. 


  1. It does sound a little clusterfucky ... which may become the newest member of my vocabulary.

  2. "Clusterfucky" is now my new favourite word, thanks. But all in all, sounds like you and your kids are having a great August!

  3. That’s some craziness on the road! I can’t wait to hear about the Weezer concert!

  4. Taco Time must be good since it made the map. Have you been there? Those dogs look so sweet and innocent.

  5. I feel your pain. I live on a quite street, but 1/4 mile to the east US 11 N and US 15 S which junction Interstate 81 a mile farther to the north. To the west, 581 N merges with 81 S... and there are bottlenecks. So even a fender bender will back traffic up for miles.

  6. That's some serious traffic down your stretch of the world. Hope it was resolved quickly.

  7. Wow, that is TOO MUCH going on in your area although I would enjoy several of those concerts. I don't mind air shows either, except for the noise!

  8. I haven't had ice cream since last summer and I'm still alive too. I have had several cheesecakes over the months though, and apologise to my liver every time I eat some. (my doctor says I have a fatty liver and need to cut back)

  9. I'm guessing Taco Time isn't on the menu until the interstate situation has been resolved.

    And I could tell it wouldn't be long
    'Til he was with me, yeah, me
    And I could tell it wouldn't be long
    'Til he was with me, yeah, me, singin'

  10. At least the only traffic you will be adding to is 'foot' traffic. Best thing about dogs (and cats) is that they are the one constant good thing in our lives.

  11. Oh, wow - that is a LOT going on. And I complain about a measly couple of thousand people descending on our town in the summer. In future I'll have to remember it could be far, far worse :)

  12. That's crazy all that stuff going on at one time! Traffic nightmare! Love the pic of your pups!

  13. I can't remember the last time I went 4 dats without ice cream.

  14. Whoo yeah, that's a lot. Hang in there.

  15. Pssst...not to nag or anything, but it's Septermber now.

  16. Whew........traffic and then some. You should feel special, that all that traffic is in your neighborhood, after all, you were selected, lol. 4 days without you need meds? Hubby is big into icecream, me not so much. The kids all sound sports busy. Hope things calm down in the hood for you soon.
    Sandy's Space

  17. Just dropping by to wish you a good week, Mr. S :)

  18. Sure sounds like a lot going on!! Hope you enjoyed the concert. I just saw Aerosmith, then Duran Duran with my daughter. Next month we're seeing Depeche Mode.
    Take care!


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