I Thought This

Here are some thoughts I thought this week. 
But these are 2023 thoughts so prepare to be blown away. 
And by blown away, I mean just scroll to the bottom and look at the memes.

  • I don't need to see Lucy eating poop ever again.
    She helped herself while we were on a recent walk and it made me feel things. 

  • The reason why I need to lose a few pounds is because of my sweet tooth. We had a surplus of Halloween candy so that kicked things off then we transitioned to Thanksgiving and pies. Next, we had Christmas with lots of fudge and cookies. Now, we have the new year and gummy bears. You know those small, fruit gum candies that are universally known for ringing in the new year. I am not sure how I got hooked on them but they are my current candy nemisis. 

  • Is there a difference between bathroom sink water vs. kitchen sink water?
    I am always going kithcen sink if I have a choice.
    They should taste the same, right?
    The water is coming from the same pipes, right?
    Is it psychological? 

  • I have been putting notes in Hayden's lunch since 2020. They are usually of the motivational kind but it's getting harder and harder to find original ones since we have been doing it for a few years. So we chatted about it and found some new inspiration: Sharks. She's a big fan and wants to study marine biology because of them. It's going well but I just need to work on my drawing skills.

  • I came across the below video of Marvin Gaye singing "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" a capella and it just blew me away. I knew he had a voice but this was just incredible. It also reminded me of Anne Marie in Philly as she used to have dance parties and would share a lot of great music from Motown. Rest in power, AMIP. We miss you. 

Meme dump

Thanks for stopping by, hope you are doing great and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream. 


  1. "Not a strip club," LOL! Why can't lo-cal carrots taste like gummy bears?

  2. Anonymous1/12/2023

    This post oozes the fact that you are a sentimental person. What a wonderful father you must be (except for scarfing up all the sweet treats). And, mentioning our missed Anne Marie.

    I guess you missed the famous scene from "Pink Flamingos" in regards to dog poop. lol


  3. Perhaps the one thing I am looking forward to when the last kid leaves home, is getting my illness schedule back down to just one or two events a year instead of the one a month schedule. I also figure that elementary kid rearing parents were probably the least likely to die from Covid demographic.

  4. Not a strip club--LOL. I used to love Gummy bears, the imported ones. A college friend and I had a competition to see who could let it dissolve in our mouths the longest without biting. I usually won!

  5. Oh my God these memes were great. And yes Marvin Gay did this song well didn't he? I loved motown. You are such a great dad, I'd have loved having you for a dad Mr.Shife! As for gummy bears I only like them in CBD form. LOL

  6. It’s good to know where we are in the galaxy! Omg on the NaughtyCatCafe. Even the logo is wack.

  7. I've heard my grand pup is a poop eater, but don't need to see that.
    Cute note. And such a cool thing to do!
    I really laughed out loud at the sneeze in the eyeballs meme, and stole it too! ;)

  8. Gummi Bears are universally known for ringing in the new year? Since when and where was I. I love gummi bears.

  9. That a capella version is so good that I first thought I heard the music. Amazing.
    And I agree with George, it's all pipes!

  10. In the bathroom you don't know how much toothpaste spit has contaminated the spigot.

  11. Oh, Mr. Shife. I feel you with the candy. Same problem.
    I think I've gained five pounds since xmas. Ugh.
    And I positively love you leave her notes! Fathering well is such a flex!!!


  12. Mmmm, chocolate, and anything gummy related. I used to hide candy from my kids so that I could be sure to have some :-). That idea worked great until summer, then it turned into a giant gummy mess, haha.

  13. Mmmm, chocolate, and anything gummy related. I used to hide candy from my kids so that I could be sure to have some :-). That idea worked great until summer, then it turned into a giant gummy mess, haha.

  14. Lily used to eat her poop, but only when she was crated. The crate didn't last long. The water thing? it's psychological. Heard It Through the Grapevine is one of my favorite songs. Not a Strip Club. Damn, I wish I were that creative.

  15. Those bears are going to kill you.

  16. Not a strip club. HA! Can you imagine? Oh my gosh, that scenarios playing out in my mind. Hilarious.

    Here's a story for Hayden's lunch box. https://www.npr.org/2023/01/12/1148441701/ancient-shark-tooth-megalodon-fossil-maryland-christmas

    On an related/unrelated note, did you realize you can buy these big fossilized teeth on e-bay. A wonderful gift for Hayden on the next gift giving occasion.

  17. Years ago I saw my dog eat poop and it was seared in my brain forever! Even now, conjuring up that memory makes me slightly nauseous! Years ago I also had a gummy bear addiction so I get it! Love the memes! Have a great weekend!

  18. Lots of good stuff here. As for the sharks surviving earth extinctions of the past, will they survive the future? The last line (or one of the last lines as I don't have the book with me) of Walter Miller's, "A Canticle for Leibowitz" (a nuclear holocaust dystopian book written in the 1950s) has always haunted me. "The sharks went hungry that year.

  19. Nellie used to eat her poop too, in the backyard when she thought we weren't looking. I like gummies too, only one, at night before bed :)

  20. Gummies, yay! All of my supplements and vitamins are in yummy gummi form. My new dentist just told me that I need dentures. they're going to rip out all of my teeth and put in plates. My first thought was will I be able to chew gummies. How pathetic is that?
    I've never owned a dog that ate poop. Now my oldest son is a different story. I found him with his diaper off, pulled up on the coffee table just munching away. He was about one and a half years old. I tried so very hard not to throw up on him. I failed. He's 46 now, and I hope he's over that particular thing.
    Marvin Gaye, sigh. I remember when that song came out. Loved it. No autotuning. People had to really know how to sing. Of course, there was always Tiny Tim.
    Good memes and you're close to perfect as a dad.

  21. PS: I just have to say this. Our neighbors were an unpleasant sort when we lived out in the woods. Their dog also ran loose always. The dog ate poop. He would dash over to our house and gobble up as much poop as he could before someone called him back home. That was one chore ticked off my list.

  22. Dogs and poop thing always creeps me out. I didn't know gummy bears was a traditional New Years thing. I do know I was still enjoying Halloween Candy (peanut butter cups), just before Christmas, which I blame on my husband. Told him not to buy any candy as we never get trick or treaters. I tell him that every year. He doesn't know as he doesn't get home from work until after the kids should stop coming, so he seems to forget year to year that I report we didn't have any kids. So now I have a few pounds to re-arrange. The notes in the lunch are a cute idea.

  23. Tried to leave a comment, but the the publish button wasn't a life link previously so don't know if it worked or not. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Dog and poop thing always seem creepy to me. Sweet to put a note in the lunch. Didn't know that gummy bears were a traditional bring in the New Year thing. I was finishing up peanut butter cups I told hubby not to buy for Halloween, as we don't get trick or treaters.


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