Here Kitty Kitty

I am a pretty calm person but occasionally I will lose my cool.
I reach what I like to call SK (shittin' kittens) status and then I am simply out of patience.
Our local pharmacy is having a tough time right now keeping up with the demand so I do my best to make things easier for them.
I use the automated system on the phone to place my order.
I always choose the following business day to pick up my order.
And then I will wait one more day just to make sure they have had plenty of time. 
I placed my order on Monday morning and I waited until Wednesday afternoon to show up. 
I was informed my order wasn't ready and if I could come back in a few hours.
Sure thing. 
No problem.
A few hours pass and I return to pick up my prescription. 
I remind the pharmacy tech that if she runs my one prescription through insurance it is going to be more expensive. 
She tells me that doesn’t make sense. 
I tell her that would be a reasonable assumption but that is the way it is with this one. 
She looked at me like I had a frozen cat turd stapled to my head and said, “Are you sure?” 

The cats had been released into the wild, the filter was off and I turned into an unsympathetic jerk.

"Ha, you got me!" I exclaim. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the nonsense fairy. I like to run around making silly proclamations based on how ridiculous I am feeling. You are today’s lucky winner. Tomorrow I am going down to Jiffy Lube to try and pick up my dry cleaning.  You should tag along. It's going to be a hoot."

The pharmacy tech did not find it amusing.
But she did learn that health insurance doesn't always make sense because when she ran my prescription without insurance it was almost $50 cheaper. 
I am feeling good as my SK status has been reset to zero and it should be a long time before I have another cat-astrophe.

Meme dump

Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon. 

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream. 


  1. Oh the pharmacy blues. Just had that myself. Good ole insurance was $55 and good rx was $25. Guess which route I took?

  2. I understand SK very well. I, myself, am prone to such moments when the obvious needs to be explained. I always feel so much better afterwards, reminding myself that patience is a virtue. Isn't it nice to be virtuous? Seahorse. Good one.

  3. Pharmacy issues seem to be more and more common and frustrating. I pick up my mom's diabetic meds and let me tell you, I may get to the SK stage myself! That fish thing, LOL.

  4. Okay. I am here to tell you I am sitting in front of an Amish fabric store waiting on two Amish women, and laughing my ass off. This was hilarious. The vision of you running about in a nonsense fairy costume waving your bullshit wand and liberally sprinkling the world with bullshit dust suddenly has made all the craziness make sense. Picture me now, with a bullhorn: "Shife! Lay you wand on the ground nd back away. Keep your hands in the air where I can see 'em!"

  5. I'm not as quit witted when I reach SK status. I generally start giving the evil eye to whomever is causing it.

  6. Wait. Jiffy lube does dry cleaning???

  7. Was this episode enough to warm you to kittens at al?

  8. My fart is on the floor -- OMG LOL!

  9. Insurance doesn't make sense in this country. Half the time you end up paying more for things because you have it!

  10. It is odd how, for some medicine, you copay is higher than the drug's actual cost. I'm glad my pharmacy is more reasonable and I can call in a prescription and they'll have it filled in less than an hour!

  11. OMG…..did you really say that??? Hilarious! That pharm tech must be new because I think most everyone has clued in to the stupidity of rx and insurance. My husband is on one drug and I had to constantly have them redo it when I picked up, so that it wasn’t run through insurance. We switched it to Meijer and they actually understand and automatically use Goodrx or SingleCare.

  12. Sometimes you just have to get a little Kittenish to get your point across.

  13. I can definitely see that happening.

  14. I love small prescriptions are automatically filled and they the drug fairy...

  15. OMG...I would have liked to see that tech's face when you spewed that!


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