Hello August

Hi there, it's Mr. Shife, I am considering adding enthusiastic moonshiner to my LinkedIn profile.
It's always interesting what pops in your head as you wake up from a nap.
Plus, it is beyond time to remove dive bar connoisseur.

Hi there, it's Mr. Shife, I am considering adding enthusiastic moonshiner to my LinkedIn profile.
It's always interesting what pops in your head as you wake up from a
Plus, it is beyond time to remove dive bar connoisseur.

OK. Now it's fixed.
Sorry about that.
I have discovered the joy of taking a 15-20 minute nap every day.
And I like it.
A lot.
So where was I... oh, yes, August.
A very happy August to you and yours.
Only 144 shopping days until Christmas.
August means it is also going to get busy again for the Shifleys.
Our favorite yellow lab will be turning a year old older this month (Can you believe Ms. Frizzle is going to be 6?), we have back-to-school shopping because the kids go back to school in 2 weeks, Mrs. Shife has one more semester as PTO president and I have all those naps I have to take.

July challenge update

I didn't do my best with my Random Acts of Kindness challenge as I got a little distracted with the Random Acts of Are You Freakin' Kidding Me that kept me quite busy.
I also learned a new word during the challenging month of July: verschlimmbesserung
Verschlimmbesserung is a German noun word for an attempted improvement that only makes things worse.
But we made it.

August challenge

Stay in the present.
With all the wackiness we had last month, it really spiked my anxiety and led to a lot of future worrying so I am just going to try and focus on taking things one day at a time.

August collar

Here is Ms. Frizzle's collar for the month:

Sweet tooth

It has been 142 days since I had a candy bar.

What I am watching?

Since I am reading less and watching more still, this is what I have on my streaming to-do list:

Psych - Season 7
Kids in the Hall - Revival season
Better Call Saul - Season 6
Only Murders in the Building - Season 1
For All Mankind - Season 3
Black Bird - Season 1
Nathan For You - Season 2
The Rehearsal - Season 1
The Tourist - Season 1

Meme dump

Thanks for stopping by, hope your week is going well and I will talk to you soon.

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream.


  1. Naps are great! I try and take one everyday!

    1. I guess it is my new hobby, Dave R. Happy napping to you.

  2. I ate enough candy yesterday for us both. Penny candy stored in big ole barrels. Bought shy of 1/4 lb of candy and we had some yesterday and then felt like crap. It was fun while it lasted. You didn't miss anything is my point. :-)

    1. Always a team player, Peg. Thanks for helping me out. I helped out whoever is not eating ice cream as I took care of a whole carton last night.

  3. I am understanding anxiety and future worrying like I never did before. I agree with staying in the present and trying to keep things low-key after all the stuff you had going on last month. How do you keep your naps so short? If I lie down I'm out for 2-3 hours minimum. Kind of wrecks the day but I need some shut-eye, just don't know how to keep it short. Thanks for that new word; I think I can find a use for that :) Love Ms Frizzle's collar - very rugged and outdoorsy. Happy Birthday to her!

    1. I have been sleeping great lately, jenny_o. Like 8 or 9 hours so a short nap is all I need. Thanks for the Frizzle wishes.

  4. I wish I could nap but they always make me feel worse and not better. (sick and disoriented) Anxiety and future worrying, yes, I'm there with you. I can't believe it's already time for school. When I taught, August felt like a month of Sunday nights.

    1. I would be a hot mess if I was teacher dealing with the August anxiety, Margaret.

  5. Naps are middle aged crack. Be careful or you will pick up a two nap a day habit followed by early morning risings.

    1. Still holding to a nap a day, Ed, but that might change when I have the house back to myself when the kids are in school.

  6. When I was in charge of a passel of grandkids, I was stunned to learn school did not begin the Wednesday after labor day. And I don't know when that happened. Plus, the school system dumped the kids back on us at Memorial Day, not half way through June.

  7. 'Random acts of are you freaking kidding me' perfectly describes my life. They get in the way of naps.

  8. I can close my eyes during the day but never fall asleep. It makes the nap seem like it lasts longer.

  9. Ohhh naps!
    I have tried then and then I stay up until all hours. They're fab if I'm going clubbing, though.
    And I love that Mrs. Frizzle has different collars! Fashion!
    I positively love Only Murders in the Building. And I don't even like Martin Short!
    What is Linkedin?


  10. You cannot control the future. No use worrying about it. Worrying about the future only takes you out of the present. Glad you are seeing that.

  11. I take an hour and a half nap on Sundays, but not on other days. They're my way of obeying the 4th Commandment.

  12. I agree. Trail Mix is M&Ms with obstacles. And woah with the candy bar milestone. I'm impressed! Ohio has this weekend of back to school tax free...so I have avoided all places that may have potential back to school parents in them.

  13. Well, we can all relate to that last meme! I love the German language. Always good for a laugh. Can you imagine their spelling bees?

  14. I have this desire to be a night person AND a morning person and can only accomplish that if I take a nap during the day! Souds like August will be a busy month for you! Good luck with your month focus in this crazy time!


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