June 21 was National Selfie Day.
I know you were probably busy celebrating the Summer Solstice but maybe next year you will take a moment or two on June 21, 2023 to acknowledge National Selfie Day because of yours truly.
When I invented the selfie I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that billions of people would take selfies every year! 
I had no idea people liked taking pictures of themselves that much.
So a belated Happy Selfie Day and you’re welcome! 
And it looks like Hayden is ready to take over the Shifley Selfie Syndicate.

I know it is "very hard" to believe.
Some even might say I am full of fecal matter.
And you would be correct.
I did not invent the selfie but I have been amusing myself at work by signing off for the day with a selfie that includes an animal. 
Some very few might be legit and some most of them might be horribly photoshopped. 

Well that is all from me today. 
Thanks for amusing me with my silliness and I hope all is well in your corner of the world.
Talk to you soon.

I will persevere.
I will keep moving forward.
I will be the stream.


  1. Love the selfies! I refuse to celebrate. I have enough pictures of my finger, thank you very much.

  2. Well, I missed selfie day :(

  3. Anonymous6/23/2022

    LMAO! Mrs. Shife is such a lucky person to have you in her life. I don't even know you and you cheer my day up.

  4. What a coincidence, I invented the selfie stick, an invention you obviously haven't heard of yet.

  5. I've gotten better at taking selfies, mostly because no one then has to take an awkwardly posed picture of me. And I can try the shot numerous times until I don't resemble a hyena. Love the pics of Hayden; she has the selfie look down! Those photo shops...oy. :)

  6. I'm a bad Selfie Holiday observer. I think they're coming for my phone!

  7. I love the selfies. Loving all those photoshop animals

  8. Nice, very nice. The one with the whale? That looks like the California coastline. Nice. I've been there.

  9. The first time I ever heard the term, ‘selfie’ was from my nephew, maybe 12 years ago? Except he called it a ‘shameless selfie’ and I still think of it as that to this day! Lol! That’s nice that you caught the pterodactyl in one of your selfies. Good work.

  10. I am horrible at selfies. Never could figure out how to hold the camera up and then push the button.

  11. Hahaha
    Oh, love the idea. Especially the ones with badly photoshopped animals. Priceless.
    And is an Usie when it's me and other person?
    I have questions...


  12. These are great selfies!! I also like that along with the selfies you invented the post-it notes as well!

  13. I did not partake in national selfie day. To many other things on my mind I guess.

  14. Darn it! If only I would have known I could have spent the day taking selfies which I would have then deemed horrible and deleted them! Love yours though!

  15. oh man...............she's beautiful...those blue

  16. Your selfies were great. I thought for sure though, that you would include some of the badly photoshopped ones for comparison.

    PS: Your daughter is beautiful...and why is she so terrified in that first picture?

  17. Dang...I didn't know there was a National Selfie Day. I got a kick out of your signing off pictures...nicely done. You have mad skills with photoshop for sure. Hayden's expression is priceless! Perhaps I'll get out my selfie stick (that I've never used), and practice. I'm terrible with just trying to do so with my phone. I can't seem to hold it and click with just one hand. Hubby and or Darling Daughter if she's with us generally do our selfies...thus I bought the stick; but though they both made fun of me...guess who's used it! Exactly. In fact, I'm not sure I even know how to use...hum, must check it out.


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