Whiskey a Go Go

It has been a long time in the making but it finally happened.
Mrs. Shife and I went to a concert.
Whiskey Myers made it to town.
They had to postpone their show twice for, well, you know, but it was worth the wait.
Sometimes you set your expectations way too high and that only leads to disappointment but these guys delivered and we had a good time. 
I was worried that I would get a little crazy being released back into the wild once again but I was a responsible adult and didn't get out of control.
I can't say the same for a few folks that were in our vicinity as they are going to be hurting this morning. 
A few of them looked like they were trying to walk through a hurricane.
Definitely been there but not this time.

Who's that girl? 

Ms. Frizzle got a new collar and much to Mrs. Shife's disappointment, Kyle, Hayden and I have been calling her Girazzle.
Because Giraffe + Frizzle = Girazzle
It makes her sound like a canine supermodel.

But the days of Girazzle will not last long.
Starting Dec. 1, she will be sporting her holiday collar so that means...  
Frizzle + Christmas = Frizzmas or maybe Chrizzle. 

Thanks, Red

My virtual buddy Red sent me an awesome photo for my desk.
She knows of my affinity for The Dude so she thought I needed it.
And it turns out I did.
It really ties the desk together.

I'm sure you might have a question or two about my home office so I'll try to answer them in the comments section but I'll answer one that I'm pretty sure you will ask: Yes, that's a photo of Nicolas Cage.

Meme dump

Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

I am better than I was. I will be better than I am.
I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Do I really want nachos as big as my butt?
    Your home office looks very inviting. I also like the view of leafy greens-reds-yellows both inside and outside of the house.

  2. I see the Dude but is that Ryan gosling behind him? LOL

  3. I was thinking about going to a concert last minute, but with Covid number creeping up, it feels like it would a bad idea.

  4. My vote is Chrizzle.

    Now I need to search big ass Nachos!

  5. A concert? Hooray! I’m still bitter about missing Todd Rundgren for my birthday last year and hoping he doesn’t kick the bucket before my next chance!

  6. I love the collar and all the names for the dog! Very clever and catchy. If the one in the back is Nicolas, is the other one Jesus? Last time I was at a live concert with festival "seating," a guy threw up on my shoe. My late husband and I did attend a John Denver concert at the Puyallup Fair; it was quite staid and no one vomited on me.

  7. How do you keep your desk so tidy?

  8. Did you know that Nicholas Cage has a pyramid tomb set up for himself in a cemetery in New Orleans? And that women apply heavy lipstick to kiss it? It's covered in lipsticked kissey marks.

    So gross.

    Same cemetery that Marie LaVeau is buried in.

  9. Nice desk, at least it's not litter with Kind Bar wrappers. Loved the 'shit.' In case your wondering, I don't hold it in. I call it being opinionated, oh, and sometimes I'm funny.

  10. Very nice desk....I too wonder how you keep it so tidy. Mine is a disaster, even after I've shuffled stuff around a bit.
    I do like the new collar, very fashionable.

  11. Frizzmas sounds good to me

  12. Good for you for making it to a concert! But if you were a responsible adult did you have any fun??? I love the ripped cats!

  13. Isn't it nice to go to a concert as an adult, for the simple reason to enjoy the concert? Cool collar.

  14. A concert sounds fun. You know I've never been to a concert. I really hate crowds so I've never tried to go to one.

  15. I've only cried when I couldn't hold it in.

  16. The guy in that gif is really quite impressive ...
    Your desk looks like my husband's desk always looked like. But he knew where everything was and I bet you do too.
    To be honest, it's what MY desk (aka dining room table) looks like too.
    Let us know what you end up calling Ms Frizzle when her collar turns Christmassy!

  17. I love those photos so much..I have autographed pictures of Roy Campanella and Randolph Scott.


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