HBD Hayden

She was born two weeks late but definitely worth the wait.
Hayden turns 10 on Sunday. 
And I can't believe it anymore than you. 
We went from this

to this in a blink of an eye. 

There are many joys in life and I have been blessed with quite a few. 
But one of the best is being her father.
I look forward to seeing what adventure she goes on next. 
Happy birthday, Hayden Belle.

More joy

Another thing that I love being is Kyle's dad. 
We have moved on from The Orville and are know watching and enjoying AP Bio
We gave The Office a shot but it was a little too awkward and uncomfortable for his liking. 
Maybe when he's a little older. 

Not judging 

Turns out Planet Fitness was not the father.
I am never surprised what I see at my local gym.
Someone decided to leave behind their negative pregnancy test in the parking lot.

'Tis the season

If you need that perfect gift for someone might I suggest:

You fill it, float it and forget about it. 
More details and other amazing ideas can be found at Pranko.com.

Meme dump

Hope your week is going well.
Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

I am better than I was. I will be better than I am.
I will persevere. I will keep moving forward. I will be the stream.


  1. Back in the day, we used to play bingo for Christmas presents at family gatherings and those sorts of prank boxes would sometimes make a presence.

    1. I imagine they would be a big hit, Ed.

  2. I just wasted to much time at Pranko.com. I could waste a lot of money there.

  3. Happy Birthday to Hayden! She is a beautiful young lady and I hope her special day is as special as she is! I love how you and Kyle watch the different TV series together. That is fun for both of you. I have been known to order gift boxes from Pranko quite a bit over the years. The best was a box for a "Gravy Fountain" containing a gift for my daughter-in-law. She was so excited when she saw it because she loves things that are unusual. When she opened it I think she was disappointed it wasn't a Gravy Fountain, but she kept the box!

    1. Gravy Fountain? Awesome, Bonnie.

  4. Watch Survivor. Anyone can watch it! Now,..Off to the Pranko website.

  5. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Happy 10th birthday to Hayden! It's wonderful that you watch series with your son; I watch them with my older daughter when we're together. She's 35. :) I used to enjoy those gag boxes, just to look at though--never to buy.

  6. I feel like that albino bear every fall when it starts getting cold. Hilarious find at Planet Fitness! Happy birthday, Hayden. A sweet,sweet baby and equally cute 10 year old. I love her middle name.

  7. Happy Happy to Hayden!!

    I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of anyone taking a pregnancy test in a parking lot ... unless that's where you think the conception may have occurred.

  8. The albino bear made me laugh out loud. My favorite El Pranko was a box that made it looks as if you were giving a 'Child's First Firepit Gasoline and matches included!' My First Bar made me laugh as well.

  9. Whoa!
    Ten already? Time flies. Please give her a hug in my name! I love bdays!
    And yes, The Office can be a tad too specific sometimes. I think it's better when there's a referent. Have you tried The Big Bang Theory? It's fun. Or Everybody Hates Chris?
    And I knew there was a secret to preparing chicken!!


  10. I tried going to planet fitness for a while, I still find the place to exercise is where I am at-- either home or at work. Though these two place do not have all the equipment a Planet Fitness as, I do not have to worry about getting pregnant.

    1. Another great reason to avoid Planet Fitness.

  11. I realized a long time ago that I do not have the temerity for parenting, so Congratulations! As for finding that test at the PF? That's too weird for me to wrap my head around; I thought they were done at home. And even if Float-a-Poo were real, I can guarantee it wouldn't work for Big Seig.

    1. Something strange is always happening at PF.

  12. Happy Birthday to Miss Hayden; you are one lucky dad to have such awesome kids.

  13. Happy Birthday to Hayden! The next ten years will go by in another blink, I'm warning you right now :)

    I enjoyed the memes; thank you.

  14. Happy birthday. It's so fun to watch them grow up.

  15. she is such a beauty...happy birthday sweet girl
    there is a movie(if you can find it) called the 12 mighty orphans. I read the book and then watched the movie. They took a lot of liberties with the movie. But it was pretty good. Book is true story.. If you have peacock they have a lost symbol series. This is the first year..Did you ever try to watch Lost with him??

  16. Happy *belated* birthday to Hayden. Wow, 10! She's lovely.


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